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Predator Billiard Cues

In 1994, Predator began manufacturing pool cues, with the first edition being the 314 shaft. Up to this day, Predator continues to produce quality pool cues, while also offering a retired cues program that lets Predator cue owners look for rare and hard to find cues that are no longer manufactured by the company.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Predator Billiard Cue?

The Predator pool cue is designed with balance, weight, and precision in mind. They utilize a design that is meant to improve user performance and materials that do not splinter easily. Apart from that, you can ensure that you have a genuine product because Predator offers a product registration program as well. Here are the other benefits of using the Predator cues:

  • Predator cues use the BK-Rush Break Cue technology that provides power and accuracy.
  • Predator cues with the Revo Shaft Carbon Fiber Composite technology are designed with a 10-piece splice and low-deflection shaft.
  • Predator cues with 3rd Generation Shaft technology were re-engineered with a V-Tek front-end construction, allowing for more strength, power, and accuracy.
  • The Predator Vantage was designed and developed to increase shaft stiffness and velocity.
  • The Air II cue shaft, which is from the BK3 collection, is designed for versatility and flexibility.
  • The original BK3 is one of the most powerful Predator shafts in their inventory. It is known to give a powerful first short on the cue ball, with ample cue ball deflection features.

What Models of Predator Cues Are Available?

Predator cues are easy to find, but some of the older and vintage models are no longer in circulation. You may contact the company for a custom cue, but they cannot ensure that you will receive the exact model because of its scarcity or lack of demand. However, here are some Predator Cues that you can still find:

  • Predator BK3 Break Cue with Leather Rap and Pool Cue Case
  • Predator Throne Curly Maple Shaft with Joint Protectors and Case
  • Predator Blak3-3
  • Predator Ikon 314-3
  • Predator Blak3-4
  • Predator Blak3-5
  • Predator Sotka 2 Limited Edition Cue
  • Predator Classico inspired by Sneaky Pete
  • Predator Revo Blak-2

How To Take Care of Your Predator Pool Cue

  • Use protective billiard gloves like the Predator Second Skin gloves to ensure that the friction on the shaft does not cause damage.
  • Use special wipes, like the Revo wipes, to clean your pool cue. You can also use un-dyed leather or a cue slicker.
  • Use joint protectors to keep your pool cue safe and protected from force or damage.
  • Always chalk your cue to prevent the cue ferrule from staining.
  • Never leave the cue in direct sunlight or humid areas. Keep it in an airtight case, if possible.

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