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Up Your Game With Quality Billiard Cues

Whether you play for fun or in a professional capacity, every billiards player needs good billiard cues. Often made of wood, fiberglass, and carbon fibers, billiards cues are made to be lightweight yet sturdy. eBay offers a wide assortment of these cues, both new and used, at a price point to fit your budget.

What are billiard cues made of?
  • Cue: High-quality billiard cues are manufactured using solid wood. This includes the whole shaft of the stick and the handles. Maple wood is typically chosen for the cue shaft, but there are plenty of additional wood options to choose from.
  • Tip: The tip is typically made of rubber with a felt tip on it for smooth shooting.
  • Interior: The interior of a stick typically includes metal parts for connecting sticks to different areas.
  • Grip: The grip of the stick can be made with a variety of materials including rubber, plastic, and formed cloth.
  • Shaft: Some cues feature a steel shaft, but they are not as common as wood varieties.
What pieces do billiard cues consist of?

With all the pieces stacked together, pool cues can stand at over 57 inches tall. This is why many pool cues are sold in multiple parts. The cues typically come in two parts that can be attached together using a built-in screw in the center of the cue. More advanced versions come in three different parts. Along with taking the cue apart for storage and travel, pieces like the tip can be taken off and replaced as needed. This makes it easy to upgrade your cue without needing to purchase a whole new one.

How do you store billiard cues?

Because of the wood elements and warping possibilities, it is best to store a pool cue in a dry and cool location. This can ensure that the cue stays in the same shape and style as it did when first purchased. When purchasing them online, they will typically come with some type of carrying case. This may include a padded bag or a hard case featuring a similar design and style as a briefcase. There are also cases designed to hold multiple pool cues.

What designs are available?

Some of the more basic designs on Bear cue shafts include colors and patterns. Several images may be found on the cue sticks including dragons, wolves, and snakes. A number of pop culture-inspired pool cues are also available, including TV shows like \"The Simpsons,\" sports teams, and icons like Elvis.