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Take Your Camera Anywhere With DSLR Shoulder Rigs

A DSLR shoulder rig allows you to take dynamic, clear pictures when your subject is mobile. eBay's selection of shoulder rigs allows you to take sharp pictures from new, exciting angles. With many brands to choose from on eBay, you are sure to find a rig that fits your camera.

Do mount brands and cameras have to match?

Your shoulder rig and your camera do not necessarily have to match brands. There are several brands that make shoulder rigs that are nearly universal if you want to mix and match without checking out measurements. See the manufacturer's site for details. These brands are not guaranteed to fit every camera, but their universal models fit most types of DSLR cameras. Brands include:

  • Tilta
  • Neewer
  • Flashpoint
  • Vidpro
  • Manfrotto
Can you use a DSLR shoulder rig with a camcorder?

There are different types of shoulder rigs, and many of them hold camcorders. To be sure, check the listing specifications on what mount the rig has to make sure it will fit. There are a few shoulder rigs for GoPro cameras and other types of small cameras as well as larger ones. You may want to opt for extra equipment on your shoulder rig if you are shooting video.

What accessories are there for the shoulder rigs?

There are many accessories for shoulder rigs, including camera cages, extra stabilizers, microphones, booms, arm extenders, and shoulder pads. You can also find specialty types of shoulder rigs with fancy accessories built in, such as matte boxes for DSLR rigs with follow focus. Some features like the matte boxes come standard on certain rigs rather than as an accessory due to the frame requirements. If you cannot find a feature as an accessory, consider searching for it as a type of rig. In addition to rig build-outs, there are many types of extenders and sliders that make it easy to maneuver your camera without adding shake to the photo or video.

What can you use to help stabilize the shoulder rig?

Shoulder rigs occasionally require counterbalances. When the camera is out of balance, sometimes photos can end up out of focus, out of square, or otherwise improperly framed. You can purchase counterweights that are compatible with your rig if this is the case with your photos. Counterweights will keep your arms from becoming too tired too early in the shoot, and they'll create a more stable photo. They attach fairly easily to the shoulder rig and often come in about two-and-a-half pound increments.