Red Paper Studio Background

Professional photographers and serious hobbyists need to keep a selection of backgrounds to suit their subjects. Paper backdrops are available in solids and patterns from basic white to crackling red. Red paper studio backgrounds can draw the eye and give your photos intensity.

Why would you use a red background in the studio?

Red can create a very distinctive mood. It has energy, it is awake, and it requires a subject that can stand up to it. Red can also stimulate feelings of anger and hunger, depending on the context. Red backgrounds can be a great choice for shooting food products and abstract fashions.

What sizes are available in red paper backgrounds?

There are four standard sizes of red backgrounds. The smallest size, 26 inches by 12 yards, is ideal for items on a table. For head shots, choose the 53 inches by 12 yards size. The next size up, 107 inches by 12 yards, works for full-body pictures and small groups. For a large group, you may want the background that is 107 inches by 50 yards. The paper is packaged on a roll with a core, so it will stay neat and crease-free.

What are the features of red paper studio backgrounds?
  • Seamless: Paper studio backgrounds are made of seamless paper, so you will not have to worry about unsightly breaks getting in the way of your photos.
  • Non-reflective: Red backgrounds made of paper have a matte finish that does not create a glare. They give the backgrounds of your photographs an even, consistent look.
  • Long rolls: Because red background paper comes in rolls that are 12 or 50 yards long, you don’t have to buy a new backdrop every time it tears. If the portion you are using is damaged, you can simply rip that portion off and unroll a new length. You can even cut up the damaged portion to create smaller pieces for other projects.
  • Recyclable: Damaged or worn-out portions of photo studio paper and the last bit of the roll that is too small to use can be recycled.
How do you secure paper backgrounds during a photo shoot?

Most professional photographers have stands that are made to hold backdrops. You have two choices for hanging your paper background from the stand. If you are using a length that you have cut off the roll, you can secure it to your stand with clamps. Alternately, if you have the intact roll and have just spooled off a length to use, you can hang the roll from the stand like a roll of paper towels. In this case, use the clamps on the end of the roll to keep it from free-wheeling and unspooling the entire length of paper onto the floor.