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Choosing a Car Stereo Tweeter

If you're wanting to upgrade the quality of audio in your car, it can sometimes pay to focus on the speakers rather than just the player alone. There is a choice of all-inclusive full range speakers or component speakers. Component systems usually have three speakers: a tweeter, a mid-range, and a woofer. Tweeters deliver the high frequency audio, otherwise known as high notes, such as voices, birds, flutes, and so on.

What Are Different Types of Tweeters

Power Acoustik specializes in mobile audio such as car audio, marine audio, and DJ speakers. Car tweeters come in pairs and there are three types of tweeters to choose from:

  • Cone Tweeters - are usually factory-fitted speakers that are usually made with a paper insert. In small spaces like a car, the sound produced is adequate despite its limited ability to disperse sound.
  • Dome Tweeters - are wider so they allow a more distribution of high-frequency sound. Speaker sizes can vary from 1 inch to 6.5 inches. The rule of thumb is the larger a speaker, the bigger the sound and the more power is required to run it. Semi-dome tweeters are a hybrid between the dome and cone and offer slightly better acoustics than just a cone speaker.
  • Horn Tweeters - are very powerful speakers that are more directional than dome speakers.

How to Get the Most From a Tweeter

There are a few ways to improve the sound produced by these car tweeters which are usually installed as a pair.

  • Material - This has a big impact on the quality of sound produced. Soft materials like polypropylene and silk produce a refined and mellow sound. For those who like their treble sounding sharper, hard materials like titanium and graphite are the way to go.
  • RMS Power - This is a measure of the maximum continuous power a speaker can handle. It is shown in watts. For car audio speakers, this is generally either less than 250 watts or between 250-499 watts. In general, the higher the RMS power, the better the sound.
  • Mounting - Where a tweeter is mounted in a car has an impact on the quality of sound. Being placed higher or angled away from the mid-range and woofers gives high notes a clearer sound and increases the surround sound quality. Speakers are described as being four-way mount (swivel, angle, flush, or surface mount), three-way mount, or two-way mount tweeters. This describes how they can be installed in a car.
  • Crossover - A built-in or installed crossover functions by blocking lower frequencies from causing a disruption to high notes. This increases clarity and reduces distortion. It does this by separating the lower frequencies from the higher ones, feeding high frequencies to tweeters and the others to mid-range or woofers.

Please refer manufacturer site for size details.