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Neutral Density Camera Lens Filter

With neutral density lens filters, you can naturally reduce the amount of lighting in your photos, which occurs evenly across all wavelengths. These ND filters can pair with many different brands of cameras, allowing you to select the filter that matches with your specific system. ND filters can be fitted onto camcorders as well, providing you with the ability to use the effects of the neutral density filter with both photography and videography.

What is a neutral density filter?

In photography, an ND filter is designed to lessen the intensity of the colors you see in an image across all wavelengths. It's also possible to select a neutral density filter that modifies the color instead of reducing it. With this ND filter, you can have full control over the exposure of an image and can choose between a clear or grey version. This device stops light from directly reaching the image sensor, allowing you to capture an image with less light while still being able to keep a larger aperture for a lengthier period of time. There are many different types of ND filters available, including extreme, ND-filter wheel, variable, and grad filters. Each offers a slightly different effect when used in your device. For instance, an extreme one uses very slow shutter speeds to create dreamlike and ethereal imagery.

Why is the circular size of the filter important?

If the lens on your device is equipped with a filter thread, this means that you can place a neutral density filter onto the device. The circular size of these items corresponds with the lens that you're using. When selecting a grad or variable ND filter, you will need to choose one with a circular size that will fit onto your current lens. In most cases, you'll be able to identify which size is compatible by looking at the back of the lens cover. When you find the right size, you can start using the new device to create a wide range of different types of photos, including landscape photography.

What types of photography typically uses neutral density?

Neutral density items can be used in a variety of ways when attached to a photographic device. A few examples of its usage include:

  • Blurring water motion in rivers or waterfalls or adding motion blur to objects in the photo
  • Using it for extended time exposures and time lapses, which are typically done when capturing landscapes and nighttime imagery
  • Lessening the overall visibility on moving objects in a photo or minimizing depth-of-field in very bright images
  • Using a small aperture with high sharpness or a larger aperture to stay below the diffraction limit to purposely reduce the resolution of your photo