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IBM Computer Keyboards and Numeric Keypads

What You Need to Know About Selecting IBM Computer Keyboards

Computer keyboards make everyday activities like the entry of text or numbers for emailing, doing data entry, and searching the internet possible. IBM computer keyboards are available in a range of types and with different language characters. They come in a variety of sizes and styles for use with compatible desktop or laptop computers.

What are the different models of IBM keyboards for computers?
  • Ergonomic: The ergonomic style features angled keys with a split down the center of the QWERTY layout.
  • Gaming: The gaming style has an integrated battery so that it can be used at a greater distance from the computer.
  • Mechanical: The mechanical model pushes down buttons within the device in order to transmit information, rather than sending a digital signal to the desktop or laptop. Included in this type is the famous Model M, which is the kind of keyboard that features replaceable individual keys. The Model M makes a distinctive clacking sound when typing on it, and their durability makes them a favorite for some computer users.
  • Mini: The individual keys are closer together and smaller in size, and the numeric keypad goes across the top, above the letters and below the function keys.
  • Standard: This is the standard QWERTY layout with an adjoining numeric keypad and upper function keys.
Which language characters are available on IBM keyboards?

These keyboards may feature different character sets. In addition, the function keys on some models allow you to switch from one languages characters to another. When languages have more characters than the keyboard, the function keys allow for selection of multiple characters by depressing the function key and the letter simultaneously. The available language characters include English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and German.

What are some of the features of IBM keyboards?
  • Detachable wrist pad: The cushioned wrist pad can be adjusted for long sessions of data entry or typing at the computer.
  • Built-in touchpad: This may be used for navigation on the screen as a replacement for a separate mouse.
  • Enhanced function keys: The function keys may offer shortcuts for commonly performed activities, such as refreshing the screen.
  • Illuminated: Light emitting diodes may offer back-lighting illumination for using the device in dim or dark lighting conditions.
  • Multimedia integration: The product may be set up for use with different types of media and software packages.
What are the interface options for IBM models of keyboards?

The interface options for connecting the product to a tower, desktop, or laptop include:

  • Bluetooth: Both pieces of equipment need to have the built-in Bluetooth compatibility.
  • PS/2: A PS/2 connection is a round six-pin plug.
  • RF: RF, for radio frequency, uses a coaxial mechanical connector.
  • USB: These products may use USB for connectivity.
What are the available colors of IBM keyboards for computers?

These keyboards are available in off-white, tan, black, silver, and gray. They are also available in vivid colors such as pink, red, and blue. The letters, symbols, or numbers on the keys are typically printed in a contrasting color for ease of visibility. On some of the products, the layout features different colors for some sections of keys. The numeric keypad or the function keys may be of a different color than the QWERTY section.

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