Store Photos Using a CompactFlash Memory Card

A CompactFlash is a common memory card used by digital cameras. When you're taking photos, using one of these memory cards ensures you store and transfer photos safely and securely. eBay offers a variety of cards from such brands as Lexar, SanDisk, Kingston, Canon, and Transcend for you to choose from so that you have sufficient photo storage.

What features do CompactFlash cards offer?

Some CompactFlash cards will have features to provide a better experience for the photographer.

  • High capacity: The card files photos effectively in order to hold more images.
  • High speed: The card reads the images quickly in order to show them on the digital camera's screen.
What is a custom bundle?

An eBay seller may offer a custom bundle as a way to provide you with more items. Within the bundle, you may get not only the new or refurbished CompactFlash card but also a CompactFlash adapter. Many of the memory cards also come with a plastic case to keep dust out of the contacts. Read the description to find out what you're getting in your bundle.

How do you download the images from a memory card?

The way for you to download images off of your reasonably priced CompactFlash memory card will depend on the device you want to download them to. Some laptops have a built-in memory card reader. This would allow you to place the CompactFlash card directly into the reader, and then follow the prompts in order to download the images. On other laptops and computers, it will be necessary to get an adapter. Connect an adapter to the computer by using a USB cable. The cable will go into the computer, and the card will go into the adapter. From there, the prompts will appear to download the images to the desired folder.