Create Some Memories With xD Picture Camera Memory Card Adapters

xD cards are made by a variety of different manufacturers. There are a few different types of adapters offered for these types of storage devices. Search for an adapter that will work for you within this comprehensive selection.

What is an xD-picture card?

This type of memory storage device is a kind of flash memory card that was made by Olympus and Fujifilm. "xD" stands for eXtreme Digital, and these cards are offered in sizes from 16 megabytes to two gigabytes. These memory sticks are used in certain types of digital cameras. These types of memory modules are no longer in production, and they have been replaced by other types of memory sticks that have more storage space such as SD and microSD cards. However, it is still possible to connect these memory devices to computers with the use of adapters that have been designed for this specific purpose. You can also insert newer memory cards into special adapting devices that have been designed to be used in older cameras.

What types of adapters are available for these cards?

A variety of devices are produced that are designed to make xD-picture cards compatible with newer computers and memory cards. Some of these devices include:

  • USB hubs: These large USB devices usually have an external power source. They are capable of admitting a number of different memory modules, and some of them have spaces for xD cards. Some of these devices are compatible with USB 3, and they usually have an array of LED lights on the front to indicate which card slots are in use.
  • Small USB modules: These devices are designed to be portable. They have a number of slots along the sides that can admit a variety of different types of memory modules.
  • Adapter cards: These devices are designed to make newer types of memory modules such as SD and microSD compatible with cameras that use xD memory sticks. They consist of a plastic sheath that is shaped like an xD module. A newer memory stick is inserted into this sheath.
How do you use these adapting devices with a computer?

Consider following these instructions to connect your xD card to your computer with an adapting device:

  • Insert the xD-picture card memory module into the connecting device.
  • Insert the USB connector into the computer.
  • If this is the first time that you have used this device, you may be prompted to install drivers or software. This installation should take less than a minute.
  • To find the files stored on your xD-picture card, navigate to your computer's file system. Go to the Finder application on Apple computers or the File Explorer program on Windows computers.
  • Select the xD card reader in the sidebar. When you're done accessing the files, disconnect the reader from your computer.
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