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Boys' Youth Fitness & Running Shoes

Boys' running shoes are designed for all sorts of outdoor activities. They are worn by boys for playing at school, going for a walk, or playing boys' basketball. Running shoes for kids are made by many manufacturers, and they feature colors and designs that have wide appeal.

What are running shoes and sneakers for boys made from?

  • Cotton and canvas - Kids' shoes for running may have cotton laces. The upper part of a sneaker is often made of cotton canvas. The upper part of cross-country shoes and running shoes may also have cotton canvas or mesh panels for air circulation.
  • Leather - Running shoes for kids often have a body made of leather. The leather enhances durability for cross-country, jumping hurdles, or turning quickly.
  • Rubber - Most sneakers and shoes for boys are rubber-soled. The rubber is lightweight and flexible and helps protect kids' feet from rough impacts as well as improve running time for competitions such as cross-country. It also enhances the durability of running shoes for kids.
  • Synthetic - The top part of boys' shoes may be made of synthetic materials for a longer life span and breathable properties.

What are the features of kids' fitness and running shoes?

  • Lightweight - Running shoes for boys are often lightweight, allowing kids to run longer and jump higher with less fatigue.
  • Cushioned - The insole of shoes for boys usually has a foam insert or a proprietary product such as Gel-contend for cushioning the heel and ball of the foot from hard impacts on surfaces such as concrete, athletic courts, and tracks.
  • Easy to put on - Boys' running shoes may be slip-on or lace-up. The slip-on shoes go on with no need for tying. The lace-up shoes for kids offer enhanced control over the tightness of the footwear.

How do you choose the correct size for kids?

It is important to select the right size of running shoes or sneakers for your kids. Boys' and girls' youth shoes for running made by Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Spikes, Adidas, Reebok, and other brands follow the same standard sizing convention in the United States. To measure your child for boys' shoes, find a cloth tape measure. Have your kids stand up straight with their feet flat on the floor. Make sure that your child is wearing the same socks that they will wear with the brand of running shoes. Measure the foot from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe. Get the measurement to the nearest one-sixteenth of an inch. Multiply the measurement by three. Subtract 11 2/3. Shoes for kids range in size from 5-13; the numbering system then begins again at 1 for the adult range. A child's foot length of 8 inches converts to a size 12 for cross-country running shoes. Boys' and girls' shoes use the same measurement guidelines.