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Feeling the Power With Batteries for the Panasonic LUMIX Camera

Every electrical device that also needs to be portable relies on some form of battery power. We carry digital cameras everywhere to capture the most precious and beautiful moments for us. That is why they rely on rechargeable batteries when distant from an electrical source.

What are some different battery types for the Panasonic LUMIX?

Batteries produced for Panasonic LUMIX are the rechargeable lithium-ion type. They have different voltages and capacities to meet various needs. To choose the one that is right for your camera model, look at the battery compatibility description; your camera should be listed.

What do voltage and capacity mean?

The voltage is the electrical potential the power unit has in delivering a certain charge. The capacity shows how long it can provide its voltage; it is measured in amps per hour. The two values often have a correlative relationship: the higher the voltage value, the higher the capacity will be. Voltage refers to power, while capacity is a measure of endurance.

How do you recharge the battery for a Panasonic LUMIX?

Batteries use charging stations to regain their power. A charging station is a kind of nest in which the battery is placed after being removed from the camera. Different types of chargers are available. Some charge faster and some charge more slowly. The type you choose will depend on how much time you have for charging and how you want to maintain your product life. The battery can also be charged using a cable attached to a port on the main device. Panasonic batteries should remain cool or slightly warm when being charged.

How do you prolong battery life?
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Low to moderate temperatures reduce internal corrosion and reactions on the electrodes.
  • Avoid full discharge: Stop battery use at a partial discharge rather than draining the battery fully. Full discharge wears the battery out more quickly.
  • Avoid extremes: Fully discharging the battery and fast charging can both stress out the battery.
  • Charge at a normal speed: Lithium-ion batteries, in particular, should be charged below a 1C charge rate or below the rated amperes per hour.
  • Store the battery in a cool place: High voltage and a high temperature are bad for storing batteries. Store the battery with a 50% charge for optimal results.
  • Avoid a full charge: A partial charge is better for the battery than a full charge.
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