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Arai Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are necessary for safety, and they can make a style statement as well. Many styles, brands, and sizes are available to make sure you have the right fit. Arai Helmet, a company based in Japan, offers a wide array of motorcycle helmets to suit your needs.

What is an Arai helmet?

An Arai helmet is a brand of motorcycle helmet developed by Japanese businessman Mitch Arai. This brands style is identifiable by the bill shape extending from the top of much of their motocross headgear though this is not present in all their styles. The brand is also known for its minimalist decals.

What are the usual sizes for motorcycle helmets?

It is important to choose the right size so your helmet will cradle your head securely. Arai offers all the standard industry sizes, including

  • Small: This size fits a head circumference of 20 1/8 inches to 21 inches.
  • Medium: This size usually works for people with a head size of 21 1/8 inches to 22 inches.
  • Large: This is generally worn by those with a head circumference between 22 1/8 inches and 23 inches.
  • Extra Large: This is often used for a head size between 23 1/8 inches and 24 inches.

Arai also extends the standard size range to offer motorcycle helmets as small as 2XS and as large as 3XL.

What styles of motorcycle helmet are used for what activities?

Arai leans toward a symmetrical look with a lot of primary and secondary color use. Youll find these different styles in such colors as black, blue pink, green, yellow, red, purple, orange, white, and multicolor. The brand offers helmets in these styles:

  • Motorcycle: Motorcycle helmets are commonly made in full-face styles and tend to be simple and minimalist in appearance.
  • Street: Street helmets are similar in appearance to motorcycle helmets. They often look aerodynamic and are designed to be worn when riding a motorcycle on a paved street.
  • Motocross: These open-face helmets generally have a bill at the top to let the rider breathe. This allows for goggles to be used in addition to other gear. These helmets are designed to be worn when off-roading vehicles or dirt bikes.
  • Dual sport: This style is a combination helmet. It offers a slightly shorter bill at the top of the helmet to protect against the elements. It also features a full face mask instead of the goggles option.
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