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Alpine 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

What are Channel Car Audio Amplifiers?

If youve spent a lot of time and energy on making sure your car has a good audio system, then purchasing an amplifier is an important step. Amplifiers are a necessity for your car audio system. But before you purchase an Alpine 5 channel car audio amplifier, check out these facts below.

What are Audio Amplifiers?

  • A car amplifier takes an audio signal and makes it louder.
  • Speakers dont work without an amplifier. Amplifiers are the part of the speaker and subwoofer that controls the volume.
  • Amplifier design affects the gain, sound distortion, frequency response, sound quality, and noise volume.
  • Before buying a car amplifier, check what kind of amplifier type youre purchasing. Ther are speaker amplifiers and subwoofer amplifiers.

How Important are Amplifiers in my Cars Sound System?

There is no way to get sound out of your speakers without an amplifier.

  • Every loudspeaker has an amplifier in it or else it wouldnt be able to produce any sound.
  • Built-in amplifiers are also known as integrated amplification.
  • Adding an amplifier to your car sound system can give you greater control over your loudspeakers and your subwoofer sound system.
  • There are two kinds of audio amplifiers, tube amplifiers and solid-state amplifiers.
    • Tube amplifiers provide higher wattage output and volumes. They are also easier to repair but pricier of the two audio amplifiers.
    • Solid state amplifiers are more evenly regulated sounds. They are harder to repair but less expensive than tube amplifiers.

What are the Different Models of Alpine Amplifiers for My Car?

Now that you know more about car amplifiers, what Alpine car amplifier is good for you?

  • The Alpine PDX-V9 5-Channel Extreme Power Digital Car Speaker Amplifier.
    • The Alpine PDX-V9 is a Class-D amplifier.
    • PDX amplifiers are a popular model of Alpine car amplifiers.
    • The PDX can power your entire speaker systems plus your car subwoofers.
    • Its rated for 1600 watts MAX, 100 watts RMS for 4 channels and 500 watts RMS for 1 channel.
    • Controls on the front panel give you access to the sound essentials.
  • The Alpine MRX-M110 Subwoofer Amplifier
    • Alpine MRX-M110 is Class-D, perfect for delivering quality sound to your sub channels.
    • Major sound for your subwoofers and speakers.
    • Delivers 2000 watts max power, 600 watts at 4 oHms and 1100 watt at 2 oHms to your subwoofer channel.

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