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vineyard vines Men's Ties

Vineyard Vines Mens Ties

Vineyard Vines was founded in 1998 by Shep and Ian Murray, two brothers who wanted to sell clothing and accessories made in the United States. At Vineyard Vines, men can shop for ties inspired by the preppy aesthetic of Marthas Vineyard vacation wear. Vineyard Vines mens ties are decorated with signature prints like whales, sailboats, sea turtles, and lacrosse sticks.

What fabrics does Vineyard Vines use?

The fabric used for a necktie will affect how it hangs on a man and what the pattern looks like. The company creates mens ties made from these fabrics:

  • Silk: Silk gives a slight sheen to a tie made from this material. Vineyard Vines silk neckties are lined with a wool blend. The company sells printed silk with smooth, detailed patterns as well as woven silk neckties with thicker textures.
  • Cotton: Cotton neckties at Vineyard Vines are handmade in the United States from this fabric. Like the silk ties, the cotton neckwear at Vineyard Vines has a wool liner.
  • Wool: The 100 percent wool neckties at Vineyard Vines have a woven texture. Some wool neckties are machine weaved while others are knitted.
What type of tie designs do Vineyard Vines sell?

The companys mens neckwear is sold in both traditional necktie and bow tie shapes. Their neckties are made in bright colors, such as pink, aqua, yellow, and green, and they come in the following patterns:

  • Geometrics: Stripes, plaids, and polka dots are some of the geometric patterns available from the company.
  • Animals: Whales, turtles, and other marine life are the most commonly portrayed animals, but the brand also has neckties with bears, dogs, birds, and other animals.
  • Nature: Vineyard Vines neckties frequently have nature-themed patterns like trees, flowers, leaves, shells, or clouds.
  • Sports: The brand has neckties with generic sports designs like tiny basketballs or lacrosse sticks as well as ties with sports team logos.
  • Novelty: Themed neckties feature several small decorations to match the ties themes. Vineyard Vines novelty themes tend to revolve around things like tailgating, pirates, fishing, cocktails, or holidays.
What are the dimensions of Vineyard Vines ties?

All regular neckties sold by Vineyard Vines are at least 59 inches, which is the length of standard mens neckwear. They also have an extra long length of 63 inches for taller men and a length of 49 inches for youths. All of these will be 3.5 or 3.75 inches wide regardless of length. However, they do have an extra skinny style that is just 2.75 inches wide.

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