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kate spade new york Cases, Covers & Keyboard Folios for Apple iPad Air 2

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Kate Spade New York Cases, Covers, and Keyboard Folios for the iPad Air 2

A case or cover for your iPad protects it from impacts and spills. The case, cover, or keyboard folio also allows you to add a bit of your personal style to the device. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of new and used Kate Spade iPad storage cases, covers, and keyboard folios in a range of colors and styles.

What are the available types of Kate Spade iPad storage?

The available types of attractive Kate Spade iPad storage products on eBay include:

  • Folding folio case: These cases fold like a book, and they offer a hands-free viewing mode for convenience.
  • Messenger or shoulder: These cases have an attached shoulder or wrist strap that you can wear. The straps may detach for carrying the case in your hand.
  • Sleeve or pouch: The sleeve and pouch styles allow the iPad to slide into the storage compartment.
What materials are Kate Spade iPad covers made out of?

These new and used Kate Spade iPad cases and covers are made from materials including:

  • Canvas: Woven canvas is often used to make iPad cases.
  • Rigid plastic: Rigid plastic may be used for the covers and keyboard folios.
  • Leather or synthetic leather: Leather or synthetic leather may be available for the covers, cases, and keyboard folios.
  • Metal: The snap and magnetic closure pieces are made of metal.
What are some features of the Kate Spade iPad cases?

Some of the features of the new and used Kate Spade iPad cases on eBay include:

  • Storage compartment: This gives you space for a cable or cord, charger, pen, or card.
  • Magnetic: The magnetic closure also powers off the iPad. This helps with the preservation of the iPads battery life.
  • Impact resistant: The case is cushioned in order to reduce the impact if you drop your iPad or of something falls onto it.
  • Keyboard: An integrated keyboard may fit into the case or folio.
How do you choose a Kate Spade iPad case?

When you are shopping on eBay for a Kate Spade iPad case, cover, or keyboard folio, consider the:

  • Color: Some options include pink, red, blue, green, purple, black, white, silver, and multi-color designs.
  • Pattern: Choose polka dots, floral, glitter, or abstract patterns.
  • Finish: The options include matte, transparent, glossy, opaque, and metallic.
  • Closure type: Select magnetic or snap closures.
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