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Windows PC Desktops and All-in-One Computers

Often referred to as a laptop for the desk, all-in-one (AIO) computers have become widespread thanks to their sleek and compact design that makes a statement in open offices or customer service environments. Rather than having a bulky unit cluttering up space on your desk or at your feet, an all-in-one Windows 7 device places everything into the monitor. Despite its advantages, an all-in-one may not be a practical solution for all users, with some limitations when it comes to hard drive storage, processing power, and gaming functions.

What Is an All-in-One Computer?

An all-in-one has all of the system components integrated into a single unit—the monitor—to create what is a much more compact device. Its a good option for those who are short on space in their home study or office environment and want a sleek and modern looking Windows 7 PC.

  • In addition to being more compact when compared to traditional Windows 7 desktop computers, an all-in-one is also easier to transport between office environments. This makes it a practical choice when you are constantly on the move, as well as for students living in dormitory accommodation.
  • Many all-in-one Windows computers offer a touchscreen experience, which allows you to interact with the unit in a different way. Creative people in the arts and design industries like the touchscreen, as well as those who have become comfortable with using a tablet. Some Windows apps actually work more efficiently using the touchscreen.

Should You Buy an All-in-One Computer or Desktop PC?

While AIOs have some advantages of desktop PCs, they also have some drawbacks when it comes to their processing power, graphics card, and the ability to restore and upgrade system components.

  • Because they dont have multiple cables or require you to configure different system units, an all-in-one computer tends to be easier to install. Its just a matter of plugging in the power cord and starting the computer, then following the prompts on the screen to install the settings you want.
  • Compared to a traditional desktop computer, an all-in-one tends to be harder to tinker with as all of the system components and drive are soldered into it. It is also more difficult to restore and upgrade with new components, particularly when it comes to the screen, so it isnt ideal when you want an eMachines PC that you can update or need to restore over time.
  • An all-in-one computer often has less powerful components compared to its desktop counterpart and a smaller hard drive storage. It sometimes contains the laptop version of a central processing unit and graphics card, with these models not being ideal for serious gamers.

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