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Choosing a Keyboard Case for an iPad

Keyboard cases provide peace of mind for the owner and protection for their Pad. It safeguards the information and tablet during use and provides Bluetooth keyboard technology for wireless use. The magnetic keyboard stand makes hands-free viewing and a typing experience similar to that of a laptop possible.

How do you pair a ZAGG Folio keyboard with an iPad?

Pairing a keyboard Folio with an iPad Air 2, iPad mini, or other Apple iPad Air should take only a few simple steps. It is always suggested to read the directions completely before pairing to ensure you have everything you need and all parts are compatible. Once verified, the following directions can be followed to recover the connection to the ZAGG keyboard as well as launch it initially.

  • On the iPad select: Settings-Bluetooth-On (in that order)
  • Hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds until the blue LED light flashes beneath the power key indicating the ZAGG and iPad Air 2 or other iPad smart device are paired.
  • ZAGG will display as an available device. Select this option to complete the pairing process.

What folio case features are available?

Convenience features make keyboard cases easy to use and carry with the iPad and other smart tablets. The hinge is durable and provides security for comfort during use without producing a less than secure fit with the device. ZAGG keys feature a bold display that makes them clearly visible and easy to use for typing. Here are a few available features to consider for the keyboard case.

  • Full-body design: this type of design makes it easy to use and comparable to other full-size keyboard function keys.
  • Backlit Bluetooth keyboard: the hinged backlit display illuminates the surface for easy viewing as it presents a crystal clear display.
  • Ultra-Slim design: it has a sleek and slim design makes it easy to transport the iPad case from one location to another.
  • Non-backlit display: this case has no backlight display and is designed for Apple iPad or iPad Air 2.

What are some of the features that come with a ZAGG Folio Case and keyboard?

The spacious design of the laptop-like keys makes typing feel natural and completely comfortable. The full-size display allows users to email, blog, chart, work, and casually use their iPad as if it were a laptop. The backlit display on the keys makes it possible to see when typing in low or no lighting areas. Here are a few technical features that are also available.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection: preserves battery life while gaming, working, or social media browsing via wireless connectivity.
  • Unique hinge: the hinge permits a 135-degree angle of viewing similar to laptops
  • Powerful rechargeable battery: offers up to two years of use between charges.