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Guillow Wooden Models and Kits

Guillow has been making kits for model airplanes of all types and for every skill set since 1926. Whether you want a glider toy to soar through your backyard or a historical balsa wood model airplane to sit on your shelf, Guillow has a variety of plane kits for you to choose from.

What types of model airplanes are available?

Guillow's makes a variety of plane models and kits, including vintage and more modern planes. Some models are the following:

  • The historic 1903 flyer
  • Scale WWII fighters
  • Fighter jets
  • Private plane models
How difficult are the planes to put together?

Guillow airplane kits vary in difficulty of assembly. The gliders will be simpler because they are simply balsa plane pieces that slide together for quick playtime. The larger, more complex planes will be more difficult and require more work and finesse.

What is needed to assemble the Guillow airplane model kit?

Here is a list of materials you will need to assemble an airplane from a Guillow kit:

  • Work surface: While there are modeling tables you can purchase, you can get the same effect without that level of commitment. A drop ceiling tile or sheet of corkboard will work just fine. You simply need a surface that you can pin the balsa pieces to as you work with them.
  • Wax paper or cellophane: You can lay a sheet of this over the plans for your kit so that you don't drip glue or paint onto them.
  • T-pins: T-pins are great for the job, but you could use pushpins or any other kind of pin you have on hand. These will be used to pin the pieces of balsa wood from your kit to your work surface while you maneuver and glue them.
  • Razor knife: You will need a knife such as an X-ACTO knife or other razor knife with sharp blades to cut the balsa without splintering it. Make sure to have extra blades in case one goes dull partway through the build.
  • White glue: Using white glue is not recommended for holding your airplane together, but the glue will be needed to be mixed with water and brushed onto the tissue paper to adhere to the frame of your airplane. This creates the outer shell of the plane.
  • Modeling cement or modeling glue: There are a variety of products you can purchase to glue together your airplane model. Modeling cement is a bit easier than modeling glue because modeling glue sets instantaneously, leaving no room for error. The cement dries quickly, but not before you have the chance to adjust a bit or move your fingers away from the glue.
  • Paints: You can use whatever colors or types of paint you'd like on your model. One thing to keep in mind is that different types of paint are made to adhere to different surfaces, so you should make sure the paint you use is suitable for sticking to the material the piece of the plane you’ll be painting is made from. Modeling paints are generally a safe bet; most of them will adhere to any kind of surface.