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Wooden Dog Gates

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but sometimes they need to be kept in a certain area. A dog gate is one option to safely and securely keep your pets contained. Whatever the reason, there is a dog gate that will suit your needs.

What types of wooden pet gates are there?

Wood pet gates are common. These interior fences come in a wide variety of styles and types. This range of options means that pet owners will be able to find a gate to suit their situation.

  • Adjustable wood pet gates are handy for fitting odd-sized areas.
  • Portable wood pet fences are useful if you know you will need to frequently relocate your gates.
  • A freestanding gate allows a bit more freedom of placement for the gate itself.
  • Locked position gates usually brace against a door frame, which helps keep them secure and immobile.
  • A walk-through gate has a small door in the gate to allow small pets through without opening the whole gate.
What types of panels do pet gates have?

It is important to match your pet gate to the proper fence. Close gaps can be used to contain a smaller pet, while wide gaps can prevent a pet proficient in climbing from doing so.

  • Vertical wooden posts, usually in a freestanding dog gate, involve single rods slotted into the gate frame. These are usually sturdy and are meant to keep larger pets from breaking through. The vertical-only design ensures this fence is not climbable for escape artists.
  • A lattice-style fence, usually of coated wire or plastic, has a tight pattern. This makes it suitable for smaller dogs and puppies.
  • A freestanding picket-style fence panel adds the traditional picket style. This fence is difficult to climb, yet the pickets are spaced close enough to prevent all but the smallest of pets from going through.
  • Scrolled or patterned wood fence panels give additional style options.
How do you set up a pet gate?

Some pet gates are meant to be more portable than others, but even semi-permanent types are fairly quick to set up. The key for quick fence installation is to know where the hinge is and how it may move or fold.

  • A folding pet gate will have hinges that attach two or more panels together to create the fence. This allows the panels to fold together for easy storage or movement. Freestanding models commonly fold.
  • A locking position pet gate has hinges on a pair of solid wooden bars that extend to press the frame against a door frame.
  • A sliding pet gate has hinges that attach the fence to the frame or posts, and they slide together when not in use.