Wood Wedding Table Decorations

In recent years, couples planning a rustic or vintage style of wedding have been taking greater advantage of nature's beauty. Organic elements like wood are charming and versatile, and personalizing items can be simple. Wooden table decor can consist of a few large centerpieces or a number of smaller items grouped together. How can wood table decorations be used?
  • Large signs can be displayed on a table or hung on a wall. They can be strictly decorative or can be used to designate the card box, gift table, or guest book. These signs are often hand-lettered, lending another rustic touch.
  • Wood slices can be used as trays or coasters depending on their size. Multiple slices can also be formed into a tower for serving cupcakes or other food items.
  • Scatter-pieces are small items that can be arranged or scattered across the table. They are available in different shapes and sizes to allow mix-and-match designs.
  • Freestanding words or letters, commonly "Love" or "Mr. and Mrs.," are often used to designate the bride and groom's place at the head table or can be used around the venue for a whimsical touch.
  • Reception place or table numbers can be elevated on small stakes or laid on the table, and can be either ornate or distressed.
What wedding themes can be enhanced with wood decorations?
  • Rustic themes are a good match for this style of decor. Often paired with burlap or lace, wood lends an organic feel.
  • Barn weddings are a natural choice: Since the venue is made primarily of wood, this type of decor can promote a cohesive motif.
  • Outdoor weddings, whether more formal or casual, are a great fit for bringing in natural elements.
Can the decorations be personalized?

Yes, it can be simple to add a personal touch to any table decoration.

  • The date of the wedding or the names of the bride and groom can be engraved or painted onto the item.
  • Encourage your guests to have some extra fun at the reception: Place blank wooden pieces and a paint pen on each table and see what mementos are created.
  • The wooden items can be stained or painted to match the wedding colors.
Can the decorations be used outside the wedding?
  • A bridal shower can be decorated with the same wooden elements as the wedding itself. One of the fun ideas is to let shower guests embellish items to be used for the ceremony and reception.
  • Any of the wooden pieces can be used as rustic home decor after the wedding.
  • Small items from the reception tables can be given to guests as favors.