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Women’s Sports Bras

Few things are as valuable to women who work out as a well-fitting, seamless sports bra with adequate coverage. A sports bra is a staple in the wardrobes of women who perform many types of sports, from low-intensity workouts such as yoga to high-intensity training such as running. In fact, no matter what the sport is, for women, a perfectly-fitted sports bra is a necessity.

How should a sports bra fit?

A sports bra should feel snug around your rib cage, but it should not be too tight. To be certain you have the correct size, try to fit two fingers in between the band and your body. If you can fit more than two fingers, your workout bras are too large. If you can only get one underneath the band, your bras are too small.

Bras should not dig into your shoulders but should feel tight enough to reduce excessive movement during sports. The size of the cup in your bras should also be large enough and high enough to provide appropriate coverage in the front. Many sports bras offer cup sizes that are very similar to traditional bras’ cup sizes. Women should take note of their traditional bra size to select the appropriate fit for their sports bra.

What's the difference between sports bras for running and yoga?

Women find that the key difference between the two types of bras is the level of support each provides and whether it’s suitable for exercises with high impact or not. Sports activities that involve a lot of bouncing, such as running, will require bras suited for high-impact activity. These bras wear a bit tighter and have less stretchy fabric in the front. These bras typically also feature padding to reduce high levels of movement.

Activities that involve much less bouncing, such as yoga, are more suited to low-impact style bras. These sports bras wear a bit looser and feature softer fabrics for more comfort. Low-impact activities like walking and yoga do not require as much movement restriction, so this style of sports bra is well-suited to wear during everyday activity, not just during a workout.

What is the advantage of a racerback sports bra?

A racerback sports bra allows for increased range of movement. Women tend to find this style very comfortable because it allows comfortable movement of the arms, shoulders, and back. Many women prefer sports bras with this type of strap because it is easy to hide under clothing. Often, women find that bras with straps over the shoulders tend to slip during their workout. Women find that bras with racerback straps, however, do not present this issue.

What type of materials are sports bras constructed from?

Sports bras are typically constructed from synthetic material to provide women with moisture wicking during sports activities. These bras often feature seamless construction to ensure women feel comfortable during their training. Bras that do not feature seamless construction may cause chafing, so a seamless design is an intelligent choice.