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Women's Ponytail Wigs

A ponytail extension is a bundle of hair styled into a small extension that looks like a ponytail. They are available in curly, straight, wavy, and kinky styles, and you can find women’s ponytail wigs in lengths ranging from a few short inches to several feet long. From deep blue-black to pale white-blonde, women's extensions come in many shades.

How do you attach a ponytail extension?

To attach a basic ponytail extension style, follow these steps.

  • Put your hair in a ponytail or bun. Gently comb your own hair into a ponytail, and secure it with a hair elastic. If your hair is either a different color than the extension or much longer, create a small bun.
  • Position the extension. Look at the inside of your extension to find the clips or combs on the interior. Put the extension over your bun so that one attachment is above your elastic and the other is below it.
  • Push in the attachments. Position the combs so that they are parallel to your head, and gently push them into your bun.
  • Tighten the drawstring. If your wig has a short drawstring, pull it until it is tightly wrapped around your natural ponytail. Tie or secure the drawstring clip.
  • Hide the string. Tuck the drawstring in to ensure the end isn’t visible. If desired, wrap a strand of the extension around the base to cover the connection between your hair and the extension.
What are ponytail wigs made from?

Women's extension strands are typically made from the following materials.

  • Human hair: Extensions made from real human hair tend to be easy to style and look realistic.
  • Polyester: This is a synthetic extension material that can easily be formed into curly, straight, or wavy textures.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is another synthetic material, and it tends to be slightly less shiny than polyester extension fibers.
  • Polyvinyl chloride: This synthetic fiber is used to make Kanekalon, a type of synthetic fiber used for styled extensions.
What do the different wig names mean?

There are many terms that wigmakers use to describe their ponytail extensions, including:

  • Virgin: This is human hair that has not been chemically treated with dyes, perms, or straighteners. It may be black, blonde, wavy, straight, short, or long, but it retains its natural look.
  • Remy: Each strand in Remy extensions have the cuticle aligned in the same direction. This creates a smooth appearance overall.
  • Yaki: Yaki strands have a texture similar to straightened African-American hair. It may be synthetic or human hair.