Women's Christmas Costumes

Dressing up for Christmas in an adult-sized costume allows you to partake in many of the seasonal festivities. You might want a costume for a Christmas party at work, for an event at a school or childcare center, or for some fun times at home with your partner. There are many types of full costumes and coordinating Christmas accessories for women to wear during the holidays.

What are the styles of sexy women's Christmas costumes?

  • Elf - For a pub crawl costume or something to enjoy with your partner, try a sexy elf costume. An elf costume is often a one-piece suit or two-piece costume with a plunging neckline and form-fitting bottoms.
  • Mrs. Santa Claus - The traditional Mrs. Santa Claus is a Victorian woman. However, a sexy Mrs. Claus costume features a short skirt, fishnet stockings, and a plunging or lacy top. A sexy Santa suit is often paired with stiletto heels or knee-high boots.
  • Little helper for Santa Claus - A helper for Mr. Claus could be a fun sexy costume to wear during the holidays. Some options include an elf with a short skirt or dress or a short Christmas tree, gingerbread woman, snowman, or reindeer-themed dress.

What materials are women's Christmas costumes made from?

  • Cotton, wool, and blends - Cotton, wool, and blends of these natural materials are often used in a Santa suit, Mrs. Claus dress, elf costume, or Christmas-themed skirt or dress. Wool is warm, which would be an ideal choice for a Christmas party that will be held outdoors.
  • Polyester - Polyester is durable, comes in a variety of textures, and is available in a spectrum of colors. It is stretchy and often used in a full-body costume such as one of the characters in A Nightmare Before Christmas, an elf, Santa, or Mrs. Claus.
  • Faux leather - Faux leather boots could be part of a Santa costume, the boots for an elf outfit, legs and feet of a reindeer costume, or boots to wear with a snowman outfit.
  • Lycra or spandex - Lycra and spandex make a Christmas outfit form-fitting and stretchy. These materials may be used in the leggings of a Santa costume, elves' costume, or snowman costume.

What are the themes of Christmas costumes for women?

There are many popular themes of costumes for an adult woman to wear at a Christmas or holiday party.

  • Macabre: If you enjoy the macabre, a Christmas costume from the Nightmare Before Christmas, such as Jack Skelton or Sally, could be a fun choice.
  • Sexy: If you are seeking a sexy adult Christmas suit, a sexy Santa or sexy Mrs. Santa could be options.
  • Traditional: For a more traditional holiday event, choose a full Santa costume with a big red suit that has room to stuff it for a round belly. A Mrs. Santa costume with a long red gown, cape, and gray wig could be an appropriate adult Christmas costume for a children's event.
  • Christmas decorations: There are also adult sizes of Christmas evergreen trees, snowmen, candy canes, and reindeer.