Womens Cheerleader Costumes

Cheerleader costumes are uniform-style outfits that women can opt to wear for dress-up events like Halloween and other costume parties. If you are considering a cheer costume for your upcoming celebration, you should know about styles, accessories, and sizing.

What styles of women's cheer ensembles are available?

You have several styles of cheerleading attire to choose from for your party or holiday event. Some styles, such as the ones based on authentic uniforms, are appropriate for girls and women while other styles may be designed specifically for adults. Some examples of cheer squad styles are:

  • Classic high school cheerleader outfit: sleeveless jersey and pleated miniskirt
  • Retro '50s cheer dress: sleeveless tank with miniskirt
  • Pro sports team cheerleader outfit: crop top and briefs

What are the components of a cheerleader uniform?

Cheerleading uniforms for women and girls have a few components in common that make them easily identifiable. Some of these are:

  • Two or three team colors
  • Team mascot/school initials
  • Short pleated skirt
  • Sleeveless shell top
  • Athletic shoes and socks

How can you accessorize for an authentic look?

If you want to create an authentic-looking cheerleader costume, consider adding some accessories that actual cheer squads use. These consist of:

  • Pom poms in colors to match the costume
  • Hair bow or band in a matching color
  • Megaphone
  • Letter sweater
  • Whistle on a lanyard

How do you size a cheerleader costume?

If you are buying a top and skirt set, choose your normal shirt size and a skirt that fits your waist measurement. If your costume is a dress, select one that matches your bust, waist, and hip measurements. Unless you are purchasing a costume for a girl who may want to wear it for more than one year of trick-or-treating, choose the size that currently fits because you may only wear it once.

How do you measure the length for your cheer skirt?

To determine whether to order a long, standard, or short length for your skirt:

  • Measure from the waistline to the desired length of the dress or skirt.
  • If your waist measures 26 to 29 inches and your desired length is 12 inches, order a short.
  • If your waist measures 26 to 29 inches and your desired length is 13 inches, order a standard length.
  • If your waist measures 26 to 29 inches and your desired length is 14 inches, order a long.
  • To determine the length for a girl with a smaller waist measurement, consult a sizing chart.