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Enjoy Class and Style With Men's and Women's Wittnauer Jeweled Wristwatches

Few items represent luxury more than a Wittnauer watch. These timepieces are not only beautiful as a piece of jewelry but also maintain time accurately. Your vintage, preowned Wittnauer watch will not only turn heads when you arrive at a swanky party or celebratory event but will make sure you get there on time as well.

What types of men's and women's Wittnauer watches are available?

Both men and women can enjoy the Wittnauer company's splendid watches. Some models and styles of the ladies' and men's watches available on eBay include:

  • Wittnauer women's quartz rectangle crystal accents silver-tone 14mm watch WN4053 - This is a slender watch with a seven-jewel, Swiss quartz movement.
  • Vintage Wittnauer Art Deco Womens Watch in 14k White Gold - This style of art deco watch includes an intricate band design and diamond embellishments.
  • Wittnauer WN3042 Mens Carly Diamond Gold-Plated Watch - This watch features a sparkling gold-toned mesh-band watch with a black face. This watch has a square head and an analog dial. The rectangular case is made of gold-plated stainless steel.
  • Wittnauer Men's Quartz Crystals Black Dial Gold-Tone Bracelet 43mm Watch WN3032 - This watch features 72 crystals that are individually hand set. It is water-resistent for up to 50 meters.
  • Wittnauer Swiss chronograph watch - This watch comes with a sapphire crystal that only needs a bit of professional cleaning. Since the watch is a chronograph, it has a device that can be started and stopped to keep time.
  • Rare Wittnauer watches - These models of watches may have features such as a rectangular case made of polished, gold-plated, stainless steel. The face color may be black, which contrasts beautifully with the gold-toned band and case. It is worn for dressy or formal occasions.
What do watchmaking terms mean?

Movement is simply the engine that makes the watch run. One kind uses a battery that sends a signal to a tiny quartz crystal inside the watch to make it run. Mechanical movements are considered to be more valuable than the other because of the great level of skill a watchmaker needs to make them. Jewels refer to either the rubies or sapphires that help reduce friction in the watch gears. A Wittnauer watch with an analog display uses a dial face and minute and hour hands to tell the time. The crystal is the transparent covering over the watch face. It can be made of sapphire, glass, or plastic.

What is the history of the Wittnauer company?

The company was formed in 1885 by Albert Wittnauer, who was an immigrant from Switzerland. His home country is known for its brilliant watch and clock making.