Amplia e, W Botas para Hombre

Wide (E,W) Men's Boots

Boots are a common type of footwear for men in addition to shoes. They are available in many different sizes, including various wide sizes. If regular size shoes fit you a little tight, boots in a wide or extra wide size can be an option.

What different boot widths are available for men?

Widths differ from boot to boot, but there are some general sizing terms used in the industry. The sizes used are the same as for men's shoes. While some brands may have their own size specifications, the most common boot and shoe width sizes are:

  • B: Extra narrow
  • D: Regular width
  • E: Wide
  • EE or EW: Extra wide
  • EEE: Triple extra wide
What other factors should you consider when buying wide boots?

In addition to size, other factors when buying wide boots for men include:

  • Material: Leather is a classic option that can be used for a variety of situations. Synthetic shoes may offer waterproof materials, lighter weight, extra breathability, and easy maintenance.
  • Toe type: Depending on how they're used, you may prefer steel toe shoes or standard toe shoes.
  • Boot height: Ankle height shoes reach as high as your ankles, and shoes with higher ankles reach higher than that. Other options include knee-high boots and wide calf boots. The height and visual style of the boots you prefer are also important factors if the shoes are for more than just work.
  • Heel height: Wide and extra wide boots for men are also available with heels in various heights.
What other sizing considerations are there for wide men's shoes?

Wide calf boots are an option for men with muscular calves. Tall men's wide calf boots may have a zipper on the side which makes it easier to take them on and off.

What kind of maintenance do men's leather boots require?

Wide toe leather boots are relatively simple to take care of. They can be cleaned with just water and a rag or paper towel. Grease or other sticky materials can be cleaned with a safe cleanser such as saddle soap.

Men's leather extra wide boots should be kept dry. If you expect to wear them in wet conditions, you can help to protect them by using a beeswax or synthetic waterproofing material that can be rubbed into the material.

More formal men's boots may need to be polished from time to time to ensure that they keep their sheen. You can do this using a polish that matches the material's color and a horsehair brush or rag.