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Choosing a Wide Angle Lens for Your Nikon Camera

When you are shooting landscapes or large scenes, having a wide angle lens can assist you in capturing wide panoramic views of the scenery. Wide angle lenses for Nikon cameras are outfitted with maximum apertures that range from f-1.0 to f-8. They are also manufactured by a large variety of brands that include Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Leica, and Canon.

Which focus types are wide angle lenses compatible with?
  • Auto: This type of system will focus the lens for you by automatically selecting an object within the frame of the lens and zooming in or out on the object accordingly. This system combines the sensor of the camera with a small motor to do this.
  • Manual: This is a type of focus system that requires you to manually focus the lens by hand via a small ring that is usually found around the bottom or middle of the wide angle lens that you are using.
  • Auto/manual: Some lenses are compatible with both focus modes and allow you to change between the two options by flipping a switch that can be found along the side of the lens.
What cameras can wide angle lenses be used with?
  • SLR: This is a still camera that captures pictures on photographic film and is equipped with a large number of manual settings. These devices are also outfitted with electronic viewfinders.
  • Digital SLR: These are digital cameras that can be used with interchangeable lenses and come with numerous manual and automatic settings. These cameras capture photos and videos on memory cards and come with digital sensors.
  • Rangefinder: This is a type of camera that comes with a small rangefinder system that can help you measure the precise distance from the object of your photo to the lens of your camera.
  • Mirrorless: This is a camera that does not include a mirror system, which allows it to have a compact form. These cameras include digital sensors and can support interchangeable lenses.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a type of digital camera that comes with a variety of automatic settings, such as autofocus. These cameras can also consist of retractable lenses.
What is the focal length of a wide angle lens?

The focal length of a wide-angle lens is designed to measure the distance from the camera sensor to your lens, which is usually displayed in millimeters. This length determines the field of view and magnification of each photo you take. Some lenses come with fixed focal lengths, which means that the lens is equipped with a single length that you can use when focusing the image. Certain wide angle lenses are referred to as zoom lenses, which means that they come with a variety of lengths that you can switch between. Most wide angle lenses are equipped with short focal lengths, as smaller numbers make for wider angles when taking a photo. The lengths available with these lenses usually range from 3.4-millimeters to around 28-millimeters.