Wheel Lawnmower Parts

An Essential Lawn Mower Wheels Primer

All lawn mower wheels are not the same. The construction of the mower, the wheel size, the tread, and the material of the original wheels all matter when choosing a set of new wheels.

How do you know what size lawn mower tires you need?

You must measure the current set of tires on the mower when they are fully inflated. Measure the diameter, rim diameter, and section width. The size matters due to the need for ground clearance and proper blade rotation.

What types of materials are lawn mower tires crafted from?

Lawn mower wheels are made from plastic, caster, or steel, depending on the type of mower. A push lawn mower uses plastic wheels. These inexpensive wheels weigh little and easily maneuver over all terrain including uneven surfaces. These tires have no interior ridges.

You will typically find steel wheels on riding lawn mowers, such as deck wheels. These last longer and provide the strength needed to support the weight of a rider and the engine. The steel can corrode and rust, meaning the wheels need more frequent replacement. These tires have an interior ridge that interlock with the drive gear. The least common type, caster wheels, do not require an axle and provide a second option for push lawn mowers.

How do you choose the tread for your grass type?

Your lawn type also has influence over the tires you need. Different grass densities require different types of tread. Matching the tread to your mower’s original wheels might not be the best idea. The right tread type for your lawn can increase the performance capabilities of the mower and limit the tread marks on the lawn after mowing.

Who manufactures lawn mower wheels?

Some of the biggest names in lawn mowers make spare parts including wheels. These include Briggs & Stratton, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, John Deere, Kohler, MTD, and Toro. You can find generic/unbranded wheels, too. You do not need to replace a Cub Cadet mower with Cub Cadet wheels, for example. You can intermix the wheel manufacturers with the mowers so you need not worry if your mower brand does not have any wheels listed on eBay. Many manufacturers now provide OEM part numbers, so you can search for tires using this method. You may find some open box purchases or new wheels, and you can purchase single item wheels.

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