What is the Welch Allyn Laryngoscope?

When it comes to medical equipment, you want to know everything you can. Welch Allyn Laryngoscopes feature stainless steel blades, easy to clean handles and come with repolishing.

What are Laryngoscopes and How are They Used?

  • Dentists and doctors use laryngoscopes for examing the larynx or for inserting a tube through it.
  • Your medical professional will perform this procedure to obtain a view of your throat. For example, they can use the laryngoscopes to check out your vocal folds and the glottis.
  • The laryngoscope is inserted into the mouth and moved to the side to move the tongue out of the way. Depending on the type of blade used, the laryngoscope is inserted either anterior or posterior to the epiglottis, then lifted upwards and away from you to get a look at your throat.

What Can I Get with the Laryngoscopes Set?

When you purchase a laryngoscope, these are the parts you can purchase with it.

  • The laryngoscope comes with two kinds of blades with different sizes:
    • The Macintosh blade is the most popular curved blade for laryngoscopes.
    • The Miller blade is the most popular straight blade.
    • You can order specific Macintosh and Miller replacement blades for your laryngoscopes to maintain blade integrity.
  • You'll likely also receive a light. It is powered by various batteries.
  • Fiber Optic handles are powered by small AA-cell power batteries and C batteries.
  • Do some research on the blades to ensure blade integrity before purchasing any sets.

What Kinds of Welch Allyn Sets Can I Buy?

There are two primary Welch Allyn devices you can buy.

  • Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes
    • Single-piece stainless steel blades, both Macintosh and Miller
    • Bright Halogen HPX fiber optic illumination for color-corrected viewing.
    • Welch Allyn scopes come with a free repolishing service.
    • Fiber Optic Halogen HPX handles available in "C" and "AA" sizes
  • Standard (Lamp) System
    • Stainless steel blades in both Macintosh and Miller designs.
    • Welch Allyn device comes with a free repolishing service
    • Handles are chrome plated brass
    • Rechargeable handles utilize nickel-cadmium batteries in "D", "C" and "AA" battery cell-sizes.

How Do I Clean My Welch Allyn Device Handles?

When working with medical equipment, especially medical blades, it's important to keep everything clean.

  • To clean the Welch Allyn handles, follow the germicidal wipe's instructions to clean all the exposed surfaces on your handle and end cap.
  • If necessary, you can brush your Welch Allyn handles with a dry, soft-bristled brush, then re-wipe it to remove any excess soil.
  • After all of the visible soil is removed, re-wipe the handle to wet all of the surfaces and allow adequate contact time for disinfection.

When you can take care of your Welch Allyn laryngoscopes, they'll last longer. You can ensure a smooth and steady procedure with your clean and effective fiber optic Welch Allyn devices.