Weft Synthetic Hair Extensions

Weft synthetic hair extensions, commonly known as weaves, consist of long strips of hair that are sewn together. They can be fitted on the scalp in many ways. They come in different styles and colors, giving shoppers many options to choose from.

How are wefted hair extensions different from other extensions?

Wefted extensions refer to synthetic hair products that have been stitched together to create bundles of hair. To create these bundles, loose hair is fed into a sewing machine, and reinforced stitches are used to bond the strands together. Sometimes, synthetic hair is hand-wefted. During this process, strands are manually tied together. These options tend to be thinner than machine-made wefts.

How do you apply weft synthetic hair extensions?

There are two ways to apply synthetic hair extensions: with glue and by sewing. In the case of glue, the glue is carefully applied onto the sewn end of the weft. After that, it is fitted onto the hair. This application method allows for fast results, and it lasts up to three weeks. If the weft is sewn on, the hair is either inserted using several straight rows of tiny braids to form layers, or the hair is attached to a single spiral braid that covers the entire head.

How do you clean synthetic hair?

To clean synthetic hair, start by detangling it from the root to the tip. After this is done, wash the extension using cool water, not cold water, and a mild shampoo. Gently squeeze out the extra water from the hair, and pat it dry. If the extension uses a clip of any kind, try not to get it wet while washing.

What should you consider when choosing weft hair extensions?
  • Hairstyle: Determine the hairstyle you want to have. A straight style can use either a silky straight or the Remy extension. On the other hand, a textured hair extension can be great for a curly or wavy hairstyle.
  • Color: For results that look natural, choose an extension that matches the color of your natural hair. If you would like to add complementary colors, choose highlighted or streaked extensions, and subtly apply them to maintain a natural appearance.
  • Maintenance: Treat the hair extension as you would your natural hair, by properly shampooing and combing it in between uses.
  • Length: Consider whether you want to add volume or length to your hair. For added volume, shorter extensions should suffice. For added length, choose extensions longer than your natural hair.
How do you store synthetic hair extensions?

If you are planning to store the hair extensions long-term, you should consider washing and conditioning the hair first. Dry and store the strands in a box with a lid. A simple way to dry your hair extensions is by air drying. Wrap the hair in a towel, and let it dry on its own. If you are using your hair extensions regularly, you need to wash them about every two weeks. However, if you are not using them, you can go up to a month before washing them.