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Frequently Asked Questions About Watch-Winding Cases

Setting a wristwatch every day can be inconvenient for a busy person, but new and used automatic watch winders make it simple to accurately keep the time. The way these devices work is by turning a wristwatch around in gentle, even revolutions when it?s not being worn. The gears and springs inside the watch are automatically wound as the device rotates on a slightly oblique axis, perfectly balancing the wristwatch in its display case.

What kinds of watches need a winder?

Wristwatches with batteries or manual gears don?t need self-winding cases to keep accurate time. A special type of watch with motion-driven gears and springs can be powered by a self-winding storage case. These types of cases have cushioned holders that are designed to keep valuable timepieces safe and well-maintained. When self-winding wristwatches are worn, they?re kept wound by the continuous movement of the wearer?s wrist.

How do watch winders work?

A winding case consists of two or more platforms that hold the band of a wristwatch in place by a cushioned insert. As the platforms revolve, they cause the motion-driven gears inside each watch to wind the timekeeping springs. The watches can be observed through a glass pane that protects them from dust, humidity, and collisions with other objects. Winding cases are designed to be functional, consistent, and reliable.

What happens when automatic watches run out of power?

When a self-winding wristwatch remains motionless for a long period of time, it could run out of power and stop ticking. It can be rewound by turning a small metal knob on the side of its face until the inner spring begins to push the gears forward again. After rewinding the spring, it may also be necessary to reset the time and date on the watch because it won?t continue to keep time when it runs out of power.

Do winders come with ornamental display cases?

Automatic watch winders are designed to be attractive as well as functional. They typically come with ornamental display cases that show off the beauty of a collection of wristwatches. Cases can be made from many types of materials and come in various styles. The appropriate choice of box depends on the preferences of the owner and the styles and brands of watches being stored in it. Some of the available styles found on eBay include:

  • Walnut wood
  • Burl wood
  • Velvet
  • Leather
  • Aluminum