Walgreens Blood Pressure Monitors

Walgreens Blood Pressure Monitors

Walgreens offers different types of blood pressure monitors to help you keep track of your health at home. You can choose from a number of features such as digital display, memory averaging function, risk category index, and wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.

What are some of the different types of blood pressure monitors?

An important thing to consider when looking for a blood pressure monitor is how you use it. Most models come with digital displays that show your results on a clear screen. The biggest difference between models is where you place the cuff.

  • Wrist: These products let you see your blood pressure levels without removing your shirt or jacket. You place the included band around your wrist, press the appropriate buttons to turn on the machine, and wait until it finishes. As an example, Walgreens Premium Wrist blood pressure monitor features a wrist positioning guide, large backlit display, GentleInflate technology, irregular heartbeat detector, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Arm: When using this type, youll need to remove any loose clothing to get an accurate result. It works the same way as a wrist monitor. The Walgreens Premium Arm blood pressure monitor offers Bluetooth connectivity, one-size Ultrasoft arm cuff, GentleInflate technology, and irregular heartbeat detector.
What is an automatic model?

Blood pressure monitors used at home and by doctors in the past features manual models where you were required to adjust the pressure yourself. With automatic models, however, one touch of a button will turn the machine on and make it start running. Some also come with Bluetooth connectivity to keep track of your health information. Pressing the right button on the machine will send your readings to any connected device. Many have a backlit display that works in the same way the display on your television does. This allows you to see results clearly in any lighting.

Do blood pressure monitors fit all sizes?

You should always check for the size listed on the packaging to make sure that the blood pressure monitor will be the right fit for your body. Walgreens makes products designed for both adults and children. Those designed for kids may also fit adults with small bodies while adult models will fit most adults. If you need one that is a little larger, you can look for an attachment or extender. This extends the size of the cuff to ensure a better fit.

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