How to Find and Use Antique Wooden Thread Spools

You may be surprised to learn that antique or vintage wooden thread spools actually have many uses. From still being viable and usable as thread (if there is still vintage thread on the spool), to many craft ideas, spools can also be used for practical ventures around the home. There are several different types of vintage wooden spools available, as well as ideas on how to use them.

What Types of Wooden Spools Are Available?

Many antique thread pieces and spools look the same, but there are some differences in this vintage stock, including various sizes.

  • Sewing kit spools: These types of thread spools are exceedingly small, but often have various color choices, if the vintage thread is still on the spool.
  • Regular-sized spools: Look for a complete lot of these old spools to either add to your sewing kit if there is thread on them, or to use for crafting.
  • Large spools: These exceedingly large wooden spools at one point carried (or still carry) yarn, or thick thread.
  • Color choices: There are often many thread color choices on these wood spools; you can still use these as sewing thread, for embroidery projects, or even on modern clothing.

What Crafts Can You Make with Wooden Spools?

If you're looking for craft ideas when it comes to wood spools, there are quite a few ideas you can try:

  • Place settings: Use hollowed-out wooden spools as napkin rings or ends, or paint them and use them as salt and pepper shakers.
  • Stands for figurines: Place small figurines and other small objects d'art on wooden spools as a base, similarly to a statue stand.
  • Furniture adjustment: Use two even wooden vintage spools to raise the height of a favorite chair or table. If your furniture is made from wood, it may be just be the perfect match.
  • Dolls and furniture: Use unfinished wooden spools as craft projects as the body of a doll, or the base of doll furniture.
  • Easter crafts: Paint wooden spools to make them look like small Easter eggs, or paint spools as holders for eggs or ornaments.
  • Wall hooks: Place spools on the wall and use them as wall hooks.

What Are Other Wooden Spool Ideas?

If you're looking for some ideas beyond regular crafts, there are also other ways to use wooden spools around the house:

  • Sewing: If you have a lot of large wooden spools or bobbins that still have vintage thread or yarn on them, by all means, use them for knitting, sewing, or other mending projects.
  • Drawer knobs: Use antique wooden spools as knobs on armoires, dressers, or bureaus.
  • Base: Use wooden spools as a base for displays on holiday sculptures, ornaments, or stands.
  • Kids' toys: String wooden spools along the wall to make an abacus for children to count with.