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Vintage Sports Cereal Boxes

If you are a fan of sports, perhaps you collect cereal boxes that feature a specific player or team. Collectible cereal box covers have been created for decades. Learning about the availability will help you to add to your collection.

What sports are featured on cereal boxes?

Cereal boxes have featured several sports. Companies will often release covers during the specific sports season. Also, there have been Olympic designs for the summer and winter Olympics every four years. You will be able to find cereal box covers for many of your favorite sports, including:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Auto racing
  • Golf
  • Olympics
What is included in the cereal box?

When you want to obtain cereal box because of the particular sport or athlete on the cover, it is important for you to know what it contains, or how it is presented. Various collector's edition boxes have been released over the years.

  • Box only: The breakfast food may no longer be in the box, providing you with the cereal box by itself.
  • Complete box: You will often be able to find unopened boxes.
  • Mounted: You might also be able to find the cereal box mounted in a decorative frame or shadow box.
Do many cereal box brands release collector designs?

You can find a cereal box with a collectible design from several different brands. If you always buy one type of cereal, you might find that there are athletes featured throughout the year. You might also want to remember to look for other cereal types based on who is gracing the cover.

How do you choose a vintage cereal box?

When you are looking for a vintage cereal box, it is important to know what to look for. You want to get a box that you can proudly display to show off your love for either a sport or a specific player. The more you know about the selection of available vintage boxes, the more equipped you are to get the ones you like.

  • Type of cereal: Look to see what kind of cereal you are buying, whether it is Post, General Mills, or another brand.
  • Player: Determine what player is on the front and what team they were playing for at the time.
  • Cover: There might be more than one cereal box released of a player, which would allow you to collect multiple boxes.
  • Inclusion: Find out if you are getting an unopened cereal box or just the cardboard.

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