Video Laryngoscopes Offer New Technology to Ensure a Smoother Intubation

Intubation is often a scary scenario for healthcare providers. It is an emergency situation and must be done quickly and effectively to provide the patient with a patent airway. The invention of video laryngoscopes has greatly helped clinicians who need to perform this procedure.

What brands of laryngoscopes are common?

Different brands of laryngoscopes may have slightly different specifications. In your office, you may have decided to stick to a certain brand for tools and equipment. You may have heard from your colleagues about certain brands that you are interested in trying out. Keep in mind that a C Mac video laryngoscope is not a brand but designates that the scope is compatible with Macintosh products. On eBay, you can find several choices of new laryngoscopes, along with a few used models. Brands to look for include:

  • McGrath Video Laryngoscope
  • King Vision Video Laryngoscope
  • Bullard Video Laryngoscope
What type of blades are used on video laryngoscopes?

Laryngoscopes can come with single-use blades or reusable blades. It may even come with both options. Studies have shown that, if you choose to use single-use blades, the metal ones perform better than the plastic ones. Infection rates are normally lower with single-use blades, as there are no worries about cross-contamination. However, if you are already set up with a sterilizer for other equipment, you may prefer to use reusable blades. If you are not sure which type of blade you prefer, choose a model that comes with several blade options.

Advantages of video laryngoscope over direct laryngoscope

With advanced technology, video laryngoscopes have quickly become the preferred method over direct laryngoscopes. A video laryngoscope, also referred to as a Glidescope, gives you much more control over the situation as you can visualize exactly how the patient's airway looks and when it bends. Not every throat looks exactly the same. A video laryngoscope helps to navigate unusual anatomical differences. Each type of laryngoscope requires a different skillset, so it's important that all members of the healthcare team are trained to use the specific model your office has.

What type of batteries are used in a video laryngoscope?

Different brands and models may use different batteries. Your laryngoscope may come with a plug-in charger for the batteries, or you may have to charge them in a separate battery charger. Make sure to check the specific model you want to ensure you have the correct type of batteries.