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Urban Decay Makeup

Urban Decay has full lines of eye shadow palette collection sets, lipsticks that come in natural and wild shades, complexion products, and blush shades.

What is a Beauty Balm?

Beauty balms are more commonly known as BB creams. A BB cream is a light-coverage makeup base product that moisturizes and provides other skin care benefits. Many BB creams contain sun protection, anti-aging properties, and ingredients that even out the skin tone. The idea behind a BB cream is that you're getting your makeup, moisturizer, and other targeted skincare in one lightweight product. Urban Decay's One and Done is the company's offering in this product category. It provides naturally blurred foundation coverage combined with SPF 20. One and Done also contains natural botanical extracts.

What are Urban Decay brushes made from?
  • All of Urban Decay's brushes are cruelty-free. This means that none of the ingredients or manufacturing processes that produce the brushes cause harm to animals in any way.
  • The brushes' handles are made out of recycled aluminum that has been polished to a brushed gunmetal finish.
  • The bristles are synthetic. They have been manufactured out of recycled materials to mimic the movement and texture of real hair. Unlike real hair, synthetic bristles are not porous.
What is the Urban Decay Vault?

Urban Decay has released several cosmetics vaults over the years containing a complete collection of one of the brand's entire makeup categories or product lines. For instance, one vault is compromised of a set of 20 full-sized single eye shadows. Ten of the shadows are classics from the signature line, and the other 10 are from the glimmering Moondust collection. Urban Decay also has curated vaults of every Vice lipstick shade and every Naked eye shadow palette.

Is Urban Decay vegan?
  • Urban Decay prides itself on its cruelty-free status.
  • None of the cosmetics and skincare products are tested on animals, and all of their brushes contain synthetic bristles.
  • Urban Decay does not sell its cosmetics in regions that require animal testing.
  • Additionally, the brand does not allow other retailers or entities selling its products to test the makeup on animals.
  • This cosmetics company is certified cruelty free by PETA. Many of the brand's cosmetics are vegan. The makeup that isn't vegan contains ingredients such as beeswax or pigments that can be derived without harming animals. The vegan makeup products are clearly labeled.
  • The brand is making efforts to transition its non-vegan cosmetics to vegan as new ingredients and pigments become available.