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Can You Take Your Camera Underwater?

The thought of taking your expensive Sony digital LSR, point and shoot, or mirrorless camera underwater may make you a bit nervous, but with an underwater camera housing you can keep your camera safe from water damage and pressure. Underwater housing units fully encase your camera making it waterproof and you are able to use it like you would on land.

What are the Features of Underwater Camera Housing?

  • Waterproof: Once you seal your camera inside the housing, there is no chance of water getting in. This means that you can take it underwater while diving or snorkeling, or you can use it in the rain or snow.
  • Durable: Casings are made from transparent hard plastic material such as polycarbonate, with stainless steel and clear plate glass used in some models. They have the mechanical strength to protect your camera and its lens wherever you take it.
  • Unrestricted use of your camera: You can easily take photos and videos as well as adjust the lens.

What Should I Look Out for When Finding Camera Housing?

There are different options to choose from when you are looking for underwater housing. To prevent damage to your camera, be careful to choose compatible parts and that it is very clearly for underwater use. Ensure that you are getting a solid camera housing that is going to last and protect your camera. Double-check your specifications, including:

  • Correct model: Not all camera housings fit all cameras since they come in different shapes and sizes. You should thoroughly check that the housing is for your model of Sony camera.
  • Lens compatibility: If you are choosing housing for a DSLR, check that you can use different lenses with it; otherwise you might wind up restricting yourself to only one lens when underwater.
  • O-ring seals and leak detector: Double o-ring seals on a camera housing give you extra confidence that your camera is safe once inside the housing. Housing with a moisture sensor and alarm ensures that if any leaks are likely, you can quickly get your camera out of the water.

What Can I Use My Camera Housing for?

Using an underwater camera housing is a unique way to get amazing photos that you would otherwise not be able to take. You can take your camera underwater while scuba diving and capture the incredible sea life or take snaps of your friends and family while they try diving or snorkeling for the first time. Since you can also use the housing in the rain or snow, you may like to use it while hiking or on a skiing trip.

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