Tangas de baño sin marca para hombres

Thongs Unbranded Swimwear for Men

Thongs for men to swim in have a similar appearance as underwear, but the pouch offers a lining. The fabric of the swimwear is water-repellent and can be used for ocean, lake, or pool swimming. This type of swimwear for men is revealing and designed to show off both the front side and rear end.

What are the features of thong swimwear for men?
  • Front pouch: The frontal strap may have a hygienic lining. Some of these swimming styles have pleats to accommodate different sizes of genitalia. Some are styled like a loincloth or Japanese fundoshi, which are made out of a single piece of material and tied decoratively and can be worn for swimming or ceremonial purposes.
  • G-string or T-string back: A G- or T-string style of back exposes the buttocks. This reveals more of your back side than shorts or swim trunks. A G-string curves down in the back while a T-string goes straight across the back side to form the shape of a letter "T" with the vertical line functioning as the strap that goes between the buttocks.
  • Minimization of tan lines: This style of swim bottoms allows you to minimize tan lines. Since there is a minimal amount of material covering your waistline, legs, and buttocks, you can attain nearly a full tan.
How do you choose a pair of men's thong swimwear?
  • Select a color or design: Black is a common color for men's swimwear. The thongs are also available in a wide range of solid colors, stripes, and designs.
  • Choose a size: The swimming thongs are made in the same sizes as men's underwear. Be sure to choose one with enough material in the front to cover your genitals. The G-strings or bikini hip straps should not dig into your skin. The back strap of material should cover the anus and perineum.
  • Select a strap and pouch style - Choose a bikini or G-string strap. The frontal part should offer enough support to the genitalia.
How do you launder men's thong swimwear?

Men's thong swimwear should be washed by hand, similar to delicate underwear. You will need a mild laundry detergent, a sink or shallow basin, a towel, and a location where the thong can dry flat. Fill the basin with cold water and 1 teaspoon of mild laundry detergent. Lightly agitate the water with your hands to form suds. Use your hands or a soft scrub brush to clean all of the surfaces of the fabric. Remove the swimwear from the water. Drain the sink or dump out the dirty water from the basin. Rinse the thong in cold water then place the swimwear in a towel. Roll up the towel like a log and wring or squeeze it to remove most of the water from the thong. Lay the thong out on a flat surface to dry.