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Ugly Stik Fishing Rods

For many decades, the uniquely designed Ugly Stik fishing rods have been common among anglers who enjoy chasing all manner of different fish. Whether casting in freshwater or saltwater, the company produces an Ugly Stik fishing combo intended for the particular type of fishing trip. A model bearing the Ugly Stik name allows feeling the action of the hooked fish when it moves.

Does Ugly Stik produce a special selection for catfishing?

Yes, Ugly Stik does sell catfish fishing rods and reels. Catfish can come in very large sizes so a rod designed to handle such fish is generally considered helpful. Also, the model should be able to handle bottom fishing since catfishing usually requires drawing the fish in with a baited hook.

What is the purpose of an Ugly Stick light-action spinning model?

A light-action spinning rod and reel combo may be fine for sunfish, trout, smallmouth bass, and other smaller-sized fish. The fishing rods not too lengthy and often utilize a lighter test line. The spinning action supports using lures, which prove helpful when chasing predator fish that hit artificials enticers.

What is an Elite Spinning Rod made of?

One of the most important materials used to make an Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is graphite. In fact, this product contains a greater amount of graphite than would commonly be found in similar fishing products. The fishing rod features 35% more graphic than normal. The purpose of the added graphite allows the rod to maintain strength and durability without adding extra weight.

Do fly options exist with this name brand?

Fly fishers who prefer casting dry and wet flies can do so with rod/reel combinations made by this manufacturer. Fly lures weigh very little, which means a special device is required to cast them. This manufacturer makes a number of fly casting models.

How does an Ugly Stik trolling rod work?

Trolling involves using a lure on a line while a boat is in motion. This approach to fishing can be done on freshwater or saltwater. The key is to use the right rods in order to handle the differences of running lines while a boat is moving with a motor vs. the line being cast with an anchored or drifting boat. Ugly Stik does produce fishing rods designed specifically for trolling. The \"Bigwater Series,\" in particular, produces trolling rods. The Ugly Stik Bigwater fishing selections are manufactured to be a little tougher to handle trolled water.