Juice Up on the Go Using Cell Phone USB Cables

The USB charging cable is one of the easiest parts of your phone to take for granted. You use it every day, and when the phone is done charging, you simply pack it up or tuck it away somewhere until your next use. And while these are designed by manufacturers to be extremely resistant to wear and tear, the time will come when they eventually fail. This is why stocking up on extras is good practice so you are never caught without juice on your Galaxy S4 or other Android device.

What Kinds of USB Cables Can I Buy for My Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • OEM: Many people stick with "original equipment manufacturer" charging and data cables for the reason that they are sure to be compatible with their current device. There's certainly truth in saying this, and the only real downside to picking an OEM USB connector is that it is likely to be plain, and you will not have much choice when it comes to design and aesthetics.
  • Third-Party: USB power and data cables are also available from third-party manufacturers. Built for universal applications, they are likely to work with your device. Always remember to ensure nothing goes wrong on your device as you charge as universal products may not always work well with every single phone model.
  • All-in-One: Another type of USB power cable is one that can charge multiple devices with just a single wire. They do this by separating the micro USB connector from the tip of the cable and make it attachable using small powerful magnets. This quick disconnect feature is ideal for those who own multiple devices that use different connection standards.

What USB Cable Is Ideal to Use With a Power Bank?

  • Short: Choosing a cable for use with a power bank requires some extra thought. One option would be those not more than 4 inches long with a flat design. This allows the cable to naturally bend, and the short length prevents kinks and twists.
  • Braided: Another option is to use braided cables, which have a tougher outer mesh that protects the rubber skin and insulation of the cable. These USB data cables can be purchased in different colors, designs, and patterns so you have a flexible choice to suit your tastes.
  • Retractable: These USB cables allow for tangle-free charging even in your bag. But using these with power banks is also ideal because you can keep them short to prevent tangles but you can choose to make them longer for when you need more freedom when using your Samsung Galaxy phone.

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