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What Should You Consider When Choosing Ty Stuffed Animals?

Ty classic stuffed animals are fun for children, or for collectors. They are known for their cute, charming style, and their soft, cuddly texture. Some Ty stuffed animals are fairly rare, and valuable to collectors, while others are more common. Some are made to look like realistic animals such as cats or dogs, while others are more whimsical, with bright florescent colors. With so many different Ty stuffed animals to choose from, you can find one that suits your specific style.

What Types of Stuffed Animals does Ty Make?

Ty makes two main types of stuffed animals, each with its own unique features.

  • Beanie babies are one of the main types of Ty Classic toys. These beanie toys are stuffed with plastic pellets called beanies. They come in many different shapes and styles, and they are all based on different animals. Beanie babies are quite small, which makes them a popular choice for those who like to use stuffed animals as decorative accents round their home or bedroom.
  • Ty also makes an array of plush stuffed animals, also known as Ty Plush toys. Ty Plush toys are stuffed with a soft polyester blend plush material and they have a soft, squishy texture. These plush stuffed toys come in an array of different sizes, ranging from small hand-held toys, to large, plush animals toys that can be used as pillows.

What Types of Ty Stuffed Animal Characters are There?

Ty makes many different stuffed animal characters.

  • Some Ty animal toys are made to look like real animals. As well as dogs and cats there are also wild animals such as owls, bears, and foxes. You can also find farm animal plush toys, teeny tys and beanie toys, such as pigs, rabbits, and cows.
  • There are also beanie and plush toys shaped like mythical creatures, such as unicorns and dragons. You can also find beanies shaped like real animals such as dogs or owls, but with bright, playful color such as pink and green.
  • Ty also makes beanie babies, teeny tys and plush stuffed toys shaped like characters from popular shows such as the dogs from Paw Patrol, or characters from Peppa Pig. There are also beanie babies and plush toys of various Disney characters.

How Old are Ty Stuffed Animals?

Some Ty stuffed animals are vintage, while others are much newer.

  • The original line of Ty stuffed animals first came out in the early 1990s. They were mainly beanie babies, but they also made several plush stuffed animals. These early stuffed animals are very popular with collectors.
  • In the 2000s, Ty created a line of new beanie babies, as well as an extended line of plush stuffed animals and teeny tys, and they have continued to produce new designs since then.