Trumpeter Military Models & Kits

Trumpeter Classic Automotive Models and Kits

Trumpeter makes model ships, aircraft, aircraft carriers, and automotive models and kits. For their cars, some of their offerings include AMT Classic, Revell, and Monogram automotive models and kits.

How detailed are the interior pieces of the Trumpeter vehicles?

The manufacturers create detailed dash gauges, parts, and seating options that are available for your preferred model. For example, the Corvette dash gauges are stylized to represent the options available during the production period of each. The interiors are reproduced to create exact replicas.

What are some Trumpeter model categories?

When it comes to automotives, there is a kit for classics, vintage cars, trucks, and sports cars. Trumpeter offers automotive models representing many model years, makes, and designs like 1951 Chevrolets, 1962 Pontiacs, and 1970 Buicks. Here are details on some of their kits:

  • Classic: Trumpeter classic kits offer the parts you need to create a lifelike replica of this classic automobile. The scale for most Trumpeter models is 1:25, which is a fairly common scale size for most models. Some classic car kits include the supplies to create a Chevy Nova, Ford Falcon, or Monte Carlo.
  • Vintage: Building a vintage car could mean putting together a replica of a Ford Le Mans or a Ford Futura convertible. Kits come with the parts necessary to create a realistic replica, including decals and miniature instruments.
  • Trucks: Trumpeter trucks include everything from an American LaFrance Eagle firetruck to a German military tank.
  • Sports cars: Build a race car recreation with a Trumpeter kit for a Ford Falcon Sprint or a Le Mans. Some sports car replicas are 1:12 scale instead of 1:25.
What other kits does Trumpeter offer?

Trumpeter makes other types of kits including limousines, military vehicles such as a tank, trailers, tractors, and even military ships. Replicas vary in size; for example, their airplanes come in 1:24, 1:32, 1:48, 1:72, and 1:444 scales. Most Trumpeter vehicles are made of plastic.

What are some features of a Trumpeter model kit?

Trumpeter provides the pieces necessary for building a car replica to scale. This includes stickers and decals that replicate racing stripes and logos as well as a custom parts kit, in some cases. Military vehicles, such as tanks, may come with action figures and/or weapons. Typically, models will come with an instruction guide.

What are some kit accessories you may need?

You may need heavy-duty glue to keep your car parts in place. Paint your vehicle using specific paint made for replica vehicles. You can also have a display stand for your Trumpeter design once its complete.

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