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Keeping Your Tools Organized with Truck Toolboxes

A truck toolbox allows you to store tools and equipment that you use on a regular basis. The box or chest protects items from the elements and also serves as a measure of protection against theft. eBay features a wide selection of truck toolboxes to help you store a variety of tools and small parts.

What are truck toolboxes made from?
  • Aluminum - Aluminum is lightweight and resists corrosion when it is exposed to road salt, chemicals, and solvents. An aluminum storage box for the bed or trailer of a truck can withstand exposure to the elements year-round. The aluminum may have a textured finish for aesthetics, or to promote drainage of melting snow or ice.
  • Plastic - A hard plastic truck toolbox is often able to be lifted out of the trailer and taken to the work site. These storage boxes are lightweight, resistant to moisture, rust-proof, and come in a range of colors.
  • Steel - Powder-coated and stainless steel are often used for a wheel storage box, an under-body or underside box, or a low profile box for the bed or trailer of a truck.
What types of truck toolboxes are there?
  • Cross bed - A cross bed truck toolbox extends from one side of the trucks storage area to the other. It is usually placed on the floor of the trucks bed. They can be made of black aluminum or other metal.
  • Top mount - A top mount black or silver toolbox has low profile doors that slide. It mounts onto the truck and is permanently attached to the beds walls or the piece between the truck cab and bed. This type of low profile truck toolbox allows for easy storage of tools and equipment.
  • Trailer tongue - This style of black or silver truck box is typically made of aluminum or metal and installed under the side or wheel area of the truck. It offers space for bulky tools, supplies, and equipment. This type of storage box has a low profile to fit under or near either the side or wheel well.
  • Under-body - The under-body box fits under the bed of the truck. It is often made of aluminum because of the metals light weight and corrosion resistance. This type of chest has a low profile in order to maintain the trucks clearance on the road.
Types of locks on a truck toolbox

Whether a steel or aluminum truck toolbox is located under the wheels, on the side, or in the trailer bed, it is important to keep it locked in order to protect the contents. An aluminum box for storing tools may have a lock built into it. Some of these locks are combination locks that come with their own combination or a combination you can set yourself. A truck toolbox often has a bar in which to insert a lock. It is important to measure the diameter of the aluminum or steel bar of the storage chest, so you can find a lock that fits around it. A padlock with a key is a common way to lock a truck chest and protect the tools and other contents of the box.