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Trace Elliot Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar amplifiers come in a variety of styles. Finding the one that meets your needs requires research into the different makes and models available. Trace Elliot offers several types of bass guitar amplifiers.

What does a guitar amplifier do?

An electric or acoustic-electric guitar works by converting the vibration of the strings into an electric signal using the pickups. The signal then goes out through the cable to the amp. The amp has the role of boosting the power of this signal and then using a speaker to convert it back into audible notes. This is necessary because electric instruments are not capable of generating a strong enough signal for people to hear. The name amplifier refers to the ability to increase the power of a signal.

What are the different kinds of amplifiers?

In particular, amps have the ability to alter the audio signal using effects. These can add different elements, including distortion, boost or suppress the treble, mid-range, or bass, add vibrato, chorus, reverb, or flange, and customize how the guitar tone sounds. Each genre and style is based on not only the choice of notes and chords, but also the effects, like compression, that make its music unique. These units also vary based on what they include. In larger units, the vacuum tube or solid state booster will be housed in one box and the loudspeaker in another. When mounted one on top of the other, these are called a combo. Smaller versions will have the vacuum tube and the solid state located in the same case as the loudspeaker.

What is a tube amplifier?

There are two main kinds of amp: tube and solid state. Tube-style means that the unit uses one or more vacuum tubes to create the boosted signal. This is the older style, and in the 1960s and 1970s they began to be replaced by the solid state style. Tubes are sometimes used because they have a certain warm tone that solid states just cant replicate. However, vacuum tubes are more fragile than solid state boosters, so they often require more care and upkeep. The model line by this brand offers both tube and solid state amplifiers.

What kinds of amplifiers does Trace Elliot manufacture?

This product line includes preamplifiers, bass amplifier cabinets and bass amplifier speakers. It offers amplifiers for both acoustic and electric bass guitars. They feature one to three channels.

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