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Toshiba HD DVD Players

Make the Most of Your Movie Collection With HD DVD Players

An HD DVD player is an essential part of any home entertainment system, offering crystal-clear sound and sharp sounds together with an entire range of extra features. Toshiba HD DVD players come in a wide variety of models, including standalone models and DVD Blu-ray player combos.

What to Look for in a DVD Player?

When shopping for an HD DVD player, make sure that the device you choose is compatible with your region. Any model should be able to access any language options and special extras on a disc while having the audio outputs and the ability to play audio CDs.

  • Ease of Use: Make sure that the buttons on the front panel and the remote control are user-friendly and clearly marked.
  • Connectivity: While many of the players available on the market are compatible with HDMI cables, older models may come with a SCART socket or an S video cable.
  • Widescreen Options: Look at the widescreen options the DVD player offers if you are interested in having multiple viewing options.

What Extra Features Are Available?

  • Formats: Not all players are compatible with all the different types of formats available, including DVD-RAM and DVD-R and RW. As such, its worth checking which format you need before buying one.
  • Photo Display and MP3 Playback: Some models allow you to feel your photo collection in high definition or listen to your MP3 music collection stored on a compatible disc.
  • Computer Data Access: Some Toshiba DVD players have the ability to read information created on a computer and then transferred onto a compatible disc. This is a handy solution for viewing digital photos within the entire family.

What Are Some Other Types of Regular and HD DVD Players?

  • Portable Models: Suitable for a long train or plane journeys, these lightweight players are easy to store in a briefcase or shoulder bag. Many of them can also be mounted on the back of a car seat to provide entertainment for the passengers.
  • Blu-ray Players: Providing the next level of quality in both video and audio content, Blu-ray can hold up to five times as much content as a conventional DVD. If you pair such a player with an HDTV, you can watch your favorite movies in superb quality.
  • Digital DVD Recorders: These devices have taken over from the VCRs and allow you to record your favorite movies and TV shows. Moreover, they are also suitable for watching regular DVDs and play back recorded discs. Some models come with a built-in hard drive so you dont have to burn the content on a DVD every time.

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