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Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns

Many airsoft enthusiasts choose to have at least one electrically powered, automatic airsoft gun in their airsoft arsenal. Tokyo Marui is a Japanese firm that produces Automatic Electric Guns, or AEG, airsoft guns. These products are powered by rechargeable battery packs, the first of these guns being the FAMAS F1.

What are the different classes of Marui airsoft guns?

Apart from the AEG, Tokyo Marui manufactures:

  • Blowback pistols: These pistols are powered by four AAA batteries. They fire at 49m/s with a BB weighing 1/12 of a gram. Most models in this class feature an additional grip safety that needs to be held for the pistol to fire. The M92F silver and military models both fall into this category.
  • Gas blowback pistols: These pistols mimic the recoil of an automatic handgun, as they blow back the slide, and they use HFC134A refrigerant in the firing of BBs. The Hi-Cap, Desert Eagle, SIG series, and the M9A1 are all featured in this class.
  • Automatic electric pistols: These airsoft pistols run on 7.2-V rechargeable batteries. They generate slow rates of fire and low muzzle speeds.
  • Bolt-action air rifles: These are also referred to as sniper rifles. Before a shot is fired, you need to pull the bolt. You are then required to cock the piston, and then load the BBs into the compartment. The three types of the VSR-10 are featured in this class as they share the same stock, air chambers, and internals.
  • Grenade and shotgun launcher models: These include the M3 Super 90, Tactical Launcher, and M16A1. They are powered by compressing a spring.
Are Tokyo Marui airsoft products compatible with other brands?

Yes, they are compatible with parts from other brands. Since the AEG was invented in the '90s, it is compatible with a majority of other brands. If your airsoft gun is compatible with the Tokyo Marui, it means you can use similar parts and magazines.

How do you choose an airsoft gun for the battlefield?

Choosing an airsoft gun is a matter of preference, play style, and battlefield conditions. For larger, more open battlefields you will need airsoft guns that can fire at longer ranges. Also, if you are engaging multiple opponents at once, an airsoft gun with fully automatic firing capability can be useful. Airsoft guns with magazines that can handle one-fifth to one-quarter of a gram of BBs are standard. Many players pick magazines that can hold up to 300 BBs.