Listen to Your Favorite TV Programs on a Headset and Bluetooth TV Adapter Combo

Enjoy the pristine sound of a big-budget superhero movie extravaganza while reclined in front of your television. A Bluetooth TV adapter sends pristine audio right from the console to a pair of headsets. Finding a preferred adapter takes little effort since eBay offers so many and presents easy ordering options.

What other devices does a Bluetooth TV adapter plug into?

Although called a TV adapter, the Bluetooth plug-in may work just as well on other types of consumer electronic audio/video units. Of course, the devices must be modern and not vintage ones. Outdated devices lack the necessary plug-in ports among other design issues. Check the features and specs on the adapter's packaging for more information. Generally, an all-inclusive adapter works fine with compatible televisions and the following Bluetooth-enabled units:

  • MP3/MP4 player
  • Personal computer and laptop
  • Tablet
  • CD player
What is 3.5 mm audio connectivity on a Bluetooth TV adapter?

Televisions and other audio-capable devices may come with a 3.5 mm audio stereo output. An adapter with 3.5 mm audio input/output connectivity allows for connecting the devices with the appropriate cable. Typically, the cable would connect the device to a headset or speaker. With this setup, the 3.5 mm connection hooks the device to the adapter. The adapter then converts the audio signal to a Bluetooth stream. Bluetooth headsets or speakers then pick up the audio stream. Several receiver/transmitter devices are available on eBay.

How far does the stream's transmission distance travel?

Different manufacturers produce a multitude of unique Bluetooth streaming adapters. In general, the travel distance associated with the stream covers about 33 feet. In metric units, the range would be around 10 meters. Since most would use this device indoor, generating the stream hundreds of feet isn't necessary. eBay sells many different transmitters/adapters, so finding a preferred stream distance won't be difficult.

What is meant by a USB power source?

A Bluetooth USB for television audio streams must procure its power from somewhere. Power, in this case, refers to charges of electricity. The 3.5 mm audio plug and cable connect the adapter/transmitter to an audio device but cannot draw power from anywhere. Upon inserting the USB plug into the appropriate port, the device draws power from the source. The source could be a TV, computer, or something else. Regardless, once the power generates to the adapter/transmitter, it can work properly.