Keep Your Television Secure with a Locking TV Mount

Ensure your television doesn't fall over unexpectedly with a TV security lock. Mounts are available in many different sizes and styles, and at various price points, on eBay to ensure you can find the right one for your television with ease.

How are locking television mounts installed?

A TV wall mount lock system must be installed in a stud of a home, or else the weight of the television can pull the mount loose from the wall. Simply secure the television to tabletop bases with bolts that go through the mount and into designated locations within the back of the television, and then place it on a table or entertainment center. Mounting a television doesn't damage it when done properly.

What are the differences between the available television mounts?
  • Tabletop mounted stand - A tabletop mounted television stand allows a television to be placed on top of a table or stand. This is a great option for rental properties where mounts cannot be installed on the walls.
  • Locking articulating TV wall mount - An articulating TV wall mount is secured to the wall and allows you to move the television around as needed to create the perfect view regardless of where you are in the room.
  • Tilting wall mount - A tilting wall mount allows the television to tilt up and down as needed.
Why should you mount your television on a locking mount?

Mounting your television on a locking TV mount is a good idea because it can keep your television secure at all times. You don't have to worry about the TV falling or being stolen. A TV mount can also make it easier for you to adjust its positioning when needed so that you don't have to pick it up and move it around every time there is a glare on the screen, for example.

How do you decide which TV mount to buy?

When you are purchasing a TV mount, it's important to look at the maximum weight limit the mount is made to hold. If the television is hung on a mount that isn't designed to hold its weight, it could fall and become damaged. For example, if you purchase an articulating mount, the arm of the mount has to hold all of the weight of the television. If the TV weighs more than the arm can hold, it will snap and the TV will crash to the floor.