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Going Places With Toyo Field Film Cameras

Toyo is a Japanese company that produces cameras. This company manufactures a wide array of photography equipment. Search through this collection to select a field camera made by this brand that works for you.

What is a field camera?

A field camera is a type of large format camera. These types of photography devices use film that is much larger than that which is used in most cameras. These devices use photographic plates that are at least five inches wide while most cameras use film that is approximately one inch wide. Large-format cameras were widely used in the early 20th century, and they are still used by professional photographers today.

A field large-format camera is a type of photo device that collapses down to a small size for transportation. These photography devices can be taken to locations in the field while normal large-format photo devices are hard to transport. Most field cameras collapse down into a rectangle that's about the size of a large book.

What are the different parts of a field camera?

These types of photo devices contain a variety of different parts. Some of these parts may include:

  • Bellows: The bellows are used to move the lens in relation to the focal point. This motion causes the focus of a large-format photo device to change. These parts look like the sides of an accordion, and they can be folded for transport.
  • Base: This is the part of one of these devices that connects to a tripod. The bottom of the device bolts to the base and there is a hole on the other side for the tripod.
  • Lens: This glass component is attached to the front of the photo device. It collects light that is then recorded by the camera. The subject in the lens can be viewed in the viewfinder.
  • Hand strap: This part is usually located on the left-hand side of the device, and it is used to keep the device steady while taking a picture.
  • Viewfinder: This component is located at the back of the device, and it is used by the photographer to view the subject that is being captured by the lens.
What types of field cameras are offered by this brand?

A few different models of these folding devices are produced by this company:

  • 45A: This type of device takes photos that measure 4 inches by 5 inches.
  • 45AX: This model is similar to the 45A, but it is a newer version. The entire body is composed of metal.
  • 8x10: This folding camera takes pictures that are 8 inches by 10 inches wide, which is one of the largest formats available.
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