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How to Use TDK CD-Rs for Data Backup

TDK Recordable compact discs are useful for saving your data. Whether you are preserving precious family photos, copies of important legal documents, or simply saving some music to listen to, a spindle of TDK CD-Rs can help you back up your personal data.

What is a TDK CD-R?

This is simply a blank CD on which data can be written to by a computer. You will need software to record data MB onto the CD, but many computers come with this software already installed. These can be bought in bulk in a TDK spindle of 50 or more CD-Rs.

How much data can be saved?

CD-Rs have different storage capacities, ranging from 650 MB to 700 MB. The size you choose will depend on your needs. For example, it might be more useful to save photos to a smaller disc. A 650MB CD can store thousands of photos, but not so many that they might be difficult to access. A longer TDK disc would be more suited to recording backups of larger files, like copies of the music CDs that you own. A 650MB CD can store up to 74 minutes of audio, while a 700MB can store up to 80 minutes.

What sorts of data can be stored?

A TDK spindle can be used for recording all kinds of data. This can include audio such as spoken word and music. The disc can also save other forms of digital data such as written documents, web pages, e-books, photographs, and more. Virtually anything that can be saved to a computer hard drive can be saved to a CD-R.

How do you use a CD-R?

Recording or backing up data to a CD-R is often referred to as "burning." If your computer has an optical drive that can record to a disc, you can burn a CD using the following steps:

  • Open a TDK spindle.
  • Place a new and unused CD-R from the spindle into the open drive tray.
  • Open your burning software.
  • Find the files on your computer that you want to save, and note their MB size.
  • Let your burning program write the files to your CD-R.
  • Finish the burning session, and test the disc on another computer.
What is the difference between a TDK CD-R and a CD-RW?

A TDK Recordable Compact disc (CD-R) can be written to only once but can be read many times after. CD-RW stands for Compact Disc-ReWritable, and these discs can be written to more than once but may not be readable on as many computer drives as a burned TDK CD.

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